RV Control Panel

This product is designed for and supplied in a range of Jayco recreational vehicles.


  • Control centre for your Jayco caravan.
  • Manage your 12V battery, tank water levels, lights, and more.
  • Includes ControlNode

*This product only works with the J35 series


Wirelessly monitor your 12V battery and control your van’s onboard features

Available in Australia since early 2017, BMPRO’s JHub is one the World’s first portable power management systems for monitoring and controlling caravans and motorhomes, operating from Android tablet.

Designed specifically for Jayco Australia,  JHub tablet is available with Jayco caravans and works with the J35 power management system, which charges and manages caravan’s house batteries.

The JHub is a portable RV control panel to monitor caravan’s 12V battery system and to control caravan’s onboard features, including lights, water pump, hot water switch and slide-outs – all from a single touchscreen.

Operate slide-outs from outside to ensure it is safe to do so. Check battery’s estimated time to discharge or ensure solar panels provide enough power, while sitting near the campfire.

The JHub gives users the new level of comfort and knowledge about caravan’s power consumption.

JHub gives you the freedom to:

  • Operate main electrical features of your caravan from the touchscreen of a portable tablet.
  • Wirelessly display the status of the battery, power consumption and charge sources
  • Futureproof your JHub system with upgradable software

With JHub, your caravan turns into a smart home. Explore new horizons with innovative, Australian designed products onboard!

Scan the QR code to download the JHub app:


Input Range


Input Current


Charger Input Voltage


Communication/Charger Cable

USB to Micro-USB




The Bluetooth within the JHub system has been tested and proven to work up to 20 metres in a direct line of sight.

This distance will vary depending upon circumstances and interference such as:

  • The wall of a caravan.
  • The transmission between the caravan and the tow vehicle.
  • Construction methods.
  • Placement of the product.
  • The Bluetooth receiver of your device (including phones, tablets, smartwatches, etc).
  • The environment.

Up to 10 SmartConnect devices can be connected to the JHub system.

You can connect up to:

  • 4 SmartPressure sensors.
  • 4 SmartTemp sensors.
  • 2 SmartSense sensors.

No, there is no need to change any settings in the JHub if you add more solar panels.