Lithium Compatible Battery Management System


  • 14 x 12VDC outputs
  • 35A maximum output current
  • 30A maximum charging current
  • Solar 28 Amp
  • Lithium (LiFePO4) compatible

This product is specifically designed for and exclusively supplied in a range of Jayco recreational vehicles.

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Lithium compatible battery management system for comfortable camping off the grid

J35 Model D is lithium compatible battery management system specifically designed for Jayco Australia. It features a built-in solar regulator and a multi-stage battery charger to ensure long battery life.

Use J35D to charge all types of lead acid batteries as well as lithium (LiFePO4) batteries. J35  allows charging of battery banks of up to 600Ah in capacity.

J35D allows you to charge the caravan battery to the optimal charge level from 230-240 Volt mains, your solar panel (28 Amp, or three panels 450W total), or from any auxiliary input, such as a power generator or your vehicle.

J35D will increase the life span of your battery thanks to the multiple battery protection features, such as low voltage disconnect, storage mode and multistage charging.  There are 14 outputs to connect your DC appliances, including hot water, water pump, lights, and many more. Built in electronic fuses protect the loads.

Offered as an option in a range of Jayco caravan models,  the J35D can recover and charge a heavily discharged LiFePO4 battery. The internal Battery Management System (BMS) of a LiFePO4 battery will turn off if it detects that the battery is heavily discharged. The J35D will provide the voltage to restart the LiFePO4 battery’s BMS and then commence charging of the LiFePO4 battery.

Pair J35D with the monitor, such as JControl, or a JHub app, to monitor your caravan power and control its functions.

We recommend using J35D power and battery management system with BMPRO Invicta Lithium batteries.

Product Specifications

Input Voltage Range: 240 VAC nominal, ± 10%, 50-60 Hz
Input Surge: < 40 A (cold start)
Output Current:  35A Continuous (load + battery current)

Factory Set Voltage:
13.65 V ±2% (Float voltage)
Output Ripple Voltage: < 150 mV
Over Voltage Protection: < 18 V
Over Current Protection: 35A to 38A (load + battery current)
Battery Current Limit: 30A max
Battery Connect: 10.8 ± 0.2 V

Low Voltage Disconnect:
10.8 ± 0.2 V for lead acid, 12.0 ± 0.2 V for LiFePO4 batteries
Battery Drain after LVD: < 7mA
Efficiency: > 83 %
Cooling Fan: Thermally controlled
Ambient: 0°C – 50°C
Communication: CAN bus
Weight: 2 kg
Dimensions: 282 x 203 x 65
Standards: Safety: IEC60335-2-29, IEC62109-1,UL458, CSA, C22.2 No.107-1, EMC: CISPR 14, IEC61000-3-2, IEC61000-3-3 Approvals: RCM, UL, cUL


The J35 does not serve as a DC-DC charger. We offer the MiniBoostPRO, which is a DC-DC charger that can connect to the J35.



The J35B-L/J35D features an in-built solar regulator. You can connect the positive and negative leads from your an unregulated 12V solar panel directly to the solar input on your J35B-L/J35D.


If you have a reulated solar panel, it cannot connect to the J35B-L/J35D. It must be connected to your battery.

It is not recommended to add additional solar regulators to your auxiliary port as they will likely conflict with one another, causing one to not charge.

No, you cannot. Lithium and lead-acid batteries require different charging profiles to keep charged and will not work together. It is best to use the same type of batteries, brand, model, and date manufactures to get the best overall performance.

The solar card within the J35B-L/J35D will limit the maximum input to ensure your batteries do not become overcharged. It is safe to have solar system that can product slightly more power than the maximum solar input on the J35B-L/K35D. If the watts are exceeded, it will shut the solar down for approximately 2 minutes. Then, turn it back on once the wattage has dropped back under the input.