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12V Guru Says.. When it comes to electrical systems in RVs, understanding the intricacies of DC (Direct Current) wiring is crucial for safety and proper

12V Guru – Mastering Off-Grid Power: The Ultimate Guide for Caravan Fridge Setup

Hi, I am doing a rebuild of a mid-90’s 19’ off road caravan and I want to start the power system from scratch as the

Unplug and Explore: 5 Remote Getaways in Tasmania

Tasmania is a realm of enchantment, where diverse landscapes flourish, ranging from dramatic mountain ranges to serene coastlines, verdant rainforests to serene lakes. For those

12V Guru - AS NZS 3001 2 Electrical Installations - what does it all mean

Following on from last month’s article where we discussed recent changes to electrical standards in RV’s, this month we cover off on some of these

5 Off-Grid Destinations In NSW

Discover some of the most exceptional off-grid destinations in New South Wales (NSW). This guide will take you on a journey through the top five

Exploring Queensland's Hidden Gems: 5 Off-Grid Destinations to Visit

Queensland, also known as the Sunshine State, is a destination that caters to every traveller’s needs. With its vast coastline, stunning beaches, lush rainforests, and

Melbourne, Victoria: BMPRO, the Australian-based RV power management experts, has announced the launch of a new range of high-powered off-grid systems over the next 12

5 Off-Grid Destinations In Victoria

Victoria, Australia boasts some of the finest off-grid locations for RV and 4WD enthusiasts who relish off-road adventures. From remote national parks to rugged mountain

12V Guru - Battery Storage New Requirements

Hi Guru, Have just heard there are new standards around storing house batteries in caravans – will this be retrospective and enforceable? Pete Weatherley –

Why Australia is the Perfect Destination for Off-Roading Enthusiasts

Australia is an off-roading enthusiast’s ultimate playground, with vast and rugged landscapes becoming a haven for those seeking to explore the great outdoors. From the

How to Stay Safe While Off-Roading in the Australian Outback

We’ve all heard stories of the rugged, beautiful Australian Outback. The sun shines brighter, the world seems quieter, and the vast expanse of red dirt

A Guide to Winter adventures in Australia

As the crisp winter air begins to set on Australia, the landscape takes a new, ethereal quality, as if holding its breath in anticipation of

12V - Solar - Roof or Portable

Hi 12V Guru, I am restoring an old caravan and want some advice on whether to install solar panels on the roof as it probably

5 Mistakes to Avoid In RV Maintenance

For RV owners, routine maintenance is crucial to guarantee secure and comfortable travel experiences. Despite being experienced, RV owners may commit errors that result in

ProBoost battery management

Embarking on a new adventure can be thrilling, but a dead battery or frequent power outages can quickly spoil the fun. That’s why proper battery

5 Essential Tips for Safe Towing: A Guide for BMPRO Users

Exploring the outdoors and experiencing new things can be an exciting experience, especially when towing a caravan, boat or trailer. Nevertheless, it can also be

BMPRO, all set to boost adventures with its new ProBoost DC-DC charger range

Melbourne, Victoria: BMPRO today announced the release of its new ProBoost range of DC-DC chargers as part of its ongoing commitment to making adventure travel

BMPRO, all set to boost adventures with its new ProBoost DC-DC charger range

Hi 12V Guru, My wife and I are getting little lost with all the difference ways to charge the battery in our caravan and were

How To Maximise Comfort & Convenience On Your Next Road Trip

RV road trips are an excellent way to experience the freedom of the open road and explore new destinations. With an RV you have the

Devices charger and battery charger

Are you planning a road trip or a camping adventure soon? If you are, then one of the most important things you will need to

Bigger is not necessarily better

12V Guru, There seems to be this competition among my mates at the moment as to who has the bigger power system in regard to

What Emergencies May Happen During Your Trip and How to Prevent Them?

When planning a trip in your RV or caravan, it is important to consider the potential emergencies that may happen during your trip. Some of

3 Must-Have RVs For Summertime Adventures

School’s out, summer’s here – which can only mean one thing – it’s time to pack up the family and head for your next adventure.

Lithium batteries for caravans bring more power for off grid camping

For many adventurers, travel is a way of life. You like to spend your days exploring, off-roading and packing in adrenaline rushes. If you love

How to Ensure Trail Safety While Caravanning

There’s nothing quite like being outdoors – the sense of freedom and beauty of being one with nature. It’s an opportunity to hit pause on

Tips for Road Trips with Dogs

With the holidays just around the corner, most of us are looking for a must-deserved break after a busy year. Catching up with loved ones,

ESC wiring and SwayControl

Hi, I get confused with whether I need a DC-DC charger or simply an isolator or similar for my second battery, which we charge the

ESC wiring and SwayControl

Hi, Complete caravan novice here. I have a JAYCO CROSSTRAK (and still waiting for the delivery of a new PRADO). I have also installed WiTi

A Year in Highlight With BMPRO 2022

Emerging out of a season of lockdowns, 2022 has been a year of reconnection. With a drive to return to pre-pandemic normalcy, the caravanning industry

Australian Made Lithium Battery Charger BatteryCharge15

Hi 12V Guru, I just read that I shouldn’t leave my 2 x 120 AMP AGM batteries continually connected to a smart charger, a CTEK