Power Management System For Lead Acid and Lithium Batteries

This product is specifically designed for and exclusively supplied in a range of Jayco recreational vehicles.


  • 14 x 12VDC outputs
  • 35A maximum output current
  • 20A solar input current
  • Lithium (LiFePO4) compatible

*Battery chemistry can only be altered or changed with the use of a ControlNode103/JHub or JControl

SmartConnect Ready



Preserve the health of your caravan battery

J35 Model B-L is an intelligent Power Management System with a distribution system and a multi-stage battery charger. J35B-L model has been specially designed for Jayco and can be found on-board modern caravans and motorhomes.

Use J35B-L BMS for charging 12V Sealed Lead-Acid (SLA) batteries including valve-regulated lead-acid (VRLA) batteries, both absorbed glass mat (AGM) and gel batteries. This Power Management System is also compatible with lithium batteries (LiFePO4). The power supply is able to deliver 35A  maximum to the battery and loads.

Charge your battery to the optimal charge level from AC mains, your solar panels, or from auxiliary (DC or vehicle power). A maximum DC charging current is 15 Amp. Multi-stage battery charger including bulk, absorption, float, and periodic boost charging modes to ensure long battery life. The J35B-L System supports up to 300W of panels with open circuit voltage between 18 and 28 VDC.

J35B-L keeps your battery healthy for a long time thanks to the multiple battery protection features, such as low voltage disconnect and storage mode.

Built in electronic fuses protect the loads. You can also use up to 14 outputs to connect your appliances, including hot water, water pump, lights, and more.

Get more out of the J35B-L intelligent Power Management System by connecting it to accessories, such as battery monitors JControl or JHub. They will allow you get access to the monitoring your power supply status in a handy location. Moreover, when used with the ControlNode103, J35B-L is SmartConnect ready and allows monitoring multiple Bluetooth sensors via JHub app.


Input Voltage Range

240V AC ± 10% (nominal), 50-60Hz

Input Surge

<40A (cold start)

Output Current

35A (load + battery current)

Factory Set Voltage

13.65V ± 0.1V (float voltage)

Output Ripple Voltage


Overvoltage Protection


Overcurrent Protection


Battery Current Limit


Low Voltage Disconnect

Lead-acid: 10.5 ± 0.2V

LiFePO4: 11.5 ± 0.2V

Battery Drain

<8mA (when in Storage Mode)

AC/DC Efficiency


Cooling Fan


Solar Input Current


Solar Input Voltage


Ambient Temperature

0°C to 50°C




307mm x 206mm x 68mm




The J35B-L features an in-built solar regulator. You can connect the positive and negative leads from your an unregulated 12V solar panel directly to the solar input on your J35B-L.

If you have a regulated solar panel, it cannot connect to the J35B-L. It must be connected directly to your battery.

The solar card within the J35B-L will limit the maximum input to ensure your batteries do not become overcharged. If is safe to have solar system that can produce slightly more power than the maximum solar input on the J35B-L. If the watts are exceeded, it will shut the solar down for approximately 2 minutes. Then, turn it back on once the wattage has dropped back under the input.