Tank Cable 4 Digital

Cable for water tanks

Part number 031858



Tank Cable 4 Digital

Tank Cable 4 digital (part number 031858) has originally been designed for the Jayco caravans to screw into the brass threaded connection molded into the side of the water tanks. The 4 digital wiring would then plug into the Tank Cable (3m, 9m or 12m length options available).  The Tank Cable then plugs into the Jcontrol or Control Node for the Jhub systems.

Tank Cable 4 digital 031858 can also be used with monitors such as Trek series and RVView2, as well as with the OdysseyLink / ControlNode, connecting through the Tank Cable series.


Compatible with:

Battery & Power Management Systems Dispay and Node Series
BatteryPlus35 Series
J35 Series
ProSmart Series
    • SmartLink