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BMPRO is launching a new range of high-powered systems over the next 12 months that will lead the way in off-grid power & battery management.

The benefits of our systems include:

  • BMPRO’s High Powered Off-Grid systems equip you for the modern off-grid adventure.
  • Higher amp charging solution -allowing you to go off-grid further and for longer & bring your home comforts with you.
  • Optimised cost/ power ratio – our systems are engineered to deliver all the power you want without an excessive price tag
  • Upgradable & customisable – ability to expand your system as your needs change.
  • Australian designed, engineered and made products for our unique conditions
  • Easy to use complimentary smart app to monitor all your power inputs and outputs.
  • Quality & confidence
  • BMPRO customer support – Our product specialist team is on hand to assist you on your journey.
  • Market leading innovation – BMPRO are the RV power management experts.

What's coming next..

The Off-Grid50 is just the first in the new high-powered series, be sure to keep an eye out for sneak peaks of the second release, and then many more after!

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You can expect to see more power more features and more upgradable and customisable aspects.

All Off-Grid Solutions are best with a Lithium Battery, check out our Lithium Knowledge Centre

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