We, the team BMPRO,
salute you, the adventurer,
the free spirit,
the Hero of the dusty roads.

Are you about to rock? We want you to reach out to the yet unseen places and to explore the new horizons; to breathe in the ocean’s salty air and marvel the beauty of the desert sunset.

We are here to give you peace of mind when you are on the road, no matter how far your 4WD, caravan or boat is taking you.

That’s why we created a range of rugged, smart and reliable power solutions for your RV, from battery chargers to DC-DC chargers to battery monitors and power management systems.

Born by the innovative spirit of our parent company Setec, with 50 years’ experience in power solutions in Australia, Bred in Melbourne and inspired by the great Australian outdoors, we are number one in RV power management. We are BMPRO, your Battery Management Professionals.




You will find our battery management solutions on board Jayco caravans and motorhomes, New Age, Concept Caravans, Coronet RV and others. Within the last ten years, over 150,000 units have been installed in RVs exploring the wild and beautiful country of ours.

You will find our products available at your local adventure store.

BMPRO products truly help power your adventures. With us, you could relax in even the most far‐flung destinations, knowing you have control over your vehicle power. We’ll back you up with the reliable solutions so that you will be safe to go even further.


I have had the BatteryPlus35SR in my Aura van only for a few months so far, I am very impressed with it….. (it) has been faultless, it has kept the van battery in a fully charged state whether on mains or on solar. I have the RVView to monitor the battery voltage (plus input and output current), it works well and is very accurate, this is essential when caravanning at non-powered sites. The resettable fuses on the outputs for the lights and accessories is a great idea; having status LED indicators is also very convenient.
Our customers say
Charles Bulwinkel
BMPRO Customer
The support was second to none. My contact Steve kept me up to date assisting where required. The service was efficient, and all timelines were achieved even to the point of personnel follow up to check return address. Customer service like this is hard to find and SETEC should be commended for their diligence.
Mark Lydon
BMPRO Customer
As a battery power obsessive I can't recommend the battery check highly enough, knowing where my battery levels are and what I'm drawing and generating gives me the ability to manage my power usage inline with my solar generation. Running a freezer full time, lighting and charging an electric chainsaw is a balancing act made so much easier with a BatteryCheck.
BMPRO Customer