Gas Bottle Level Monitor & App

Never run out of gas unexpectedly again!



SmartConnect range

  • Compact, lightweight, tough, water and dust resistant
  • Suits most portable domestic gas bottles
  • Communicates with smartphones via Bluetooth
  • Free SmartSense app via Google Play and iTunes App Store
  • Can be used via JHub and Odyssey apps
  • Easy DIY installation with extra strong magnets

$ 89

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How much gas is left?

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SmartSense - It's Common Sense

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How to change battery

How to check gas bottle level?

Gas bottle level monitor SmartSense takes the guess work out of the question.

Download SmartSense app, synchronise the sensor and attach it to the bottom of the gas cylinder.  Now you can get an exact answer – right on your smartphone!

Setup the size of your gas bottle or choose from the standard Australian gas bottle sizes. Configure the alarm threshold and the information to be displayed as percentage or centimetres.

Use your smartphone to monitor as many gas bottles as you want, and never run out of gas unexpectedly.

Caravanners running their heaters and fridges on gas; café owners using outdoor gas heaters; BBQ lovers and everybody else using liquified gas will find this app to be highly useful and convenient. No more warm water testing, weighing gas bottles or fortune telling – you’ve got an app for that!

The SmartSense sensor has a standard non-rechargeable 3V round battery CR2032. SmartSense app works on all devices that have Bluetooth 4.0 + Low Energy (BLE).


The filling of nominal 9kg bottles with 8.5kg of gas was a safety initiative of the Australian LPG industry. The same is true of 4kg bottles being filled with 3.7kg of gas.

It may not work on these larger bottles due to the thicker steel which is used in their construction.
Yes, SmartSense is equipped with two super strong magnets holding the sensor in place on the gas bottle when travelling in a RV.
One year on average depending on the operating temperatures. The battery will typically last longer in warmer environments.
Yes, you can. Using a small screwdriver, lift the lid which is held by the snap fit. Lift the board with electronics carefully and replace the battery. Place electronics board back into base. Pay attention to wire routing so that wires do not get pinched when lid is reassembled. Also check that the enclosure seal is properly seated into the base. Place the lid back and press to secure all four snap fits.
SmartSense utilises ultrasonic technology and sends the signal to your smartphone via Bluetooth.

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