Display and Control Unit

  • This product is specifically designed for and exclusively supplied in a range of Jayco recreational vehicles.
  • Requires J35 power management system installed


Get information on your house battery and water tanks

The 12V digital battery monitor JControl is a display and control unit that connects to a J35 and displays a range of battery and water tank information. It acts as a fuel gauge by monitoring the current going in and out of the battery. It also displays information such as battery volts, solar and AUX input current, charge and discharge status, remaining battery capacity and water tank levels. JControl can be mounted on any internal wall of your caravan.


  • Battery voltage and charge status
  • Battery charging and discharging currents
  • Auxiliary and solar charging currents
  • Time remaining to discharge
  • Level indication of up to 4 water tanks
  • Time am/pm
  • Water pump status
  • Battery on/off status

Features also include:

  • Button to control a water pump through J35
  • Button to disconnect the battery from the loads


Output 0.9/3.0/4.0 Amps
Input 240V, 50Hz
Battery Size 12-12 Ah
Battery Type Lead Acid, LiFePO4
Battery Chemistry AGM, Gel, Calcium or Wet, LiFePO4
Charger Type Multi-stage
Power Supply Mode 12V