Power Management System and Information Display


  • Complete power management & monitoring system for RVs
  • Monitor battery status & water tank levels
  • Multi-input – AC/Solar/DC
  • Charges all RV battery types

*Battery chemistry can only be altered or changed with the use of an ASDisplay


Power Management System and Information Display

BMPRO’s ASPERO is a combined power management system and information display designed for recreational vehicles. The ASPERO powers your loads, charges your battery and provides you with live and easy to understand information about your battery status and water tank levels.

The system includes ASPower, a lithium battery-compatible battery management system that operates from 240V AC mains power supply, towing vehicle auxiliary and solar panels to simultaneously power caravan loads and charge the caravan battery.
It employs intelligent charging algorithms, ensuring optimal battery health. Automatic battery preservation mode saves remaining battery power until you’re ready and able to charge.

Also included is the ASDisplay, an information display designed to show you with current information about your battery and connected loads, including the battery level of the connected battery, the charging/discharging state, battery chemistry, active power sources.

To get the most from your ASPERO system it may also be used with the following products (sold separately) from the BMPRO range:
• BC300 + CommLink External Shunt for integration of additional accessories and high current loads such as inverters.
• Dipper water level indicators to monitor the water levels of up to 4 water tanks.

Product Specifications

Input Voltage Range 110-240V AC ± 10%, 50-60Hz
Output Current 35A (Load + Batter y Current)
Factory Set Voltage 13.65V (Float Voltage)
Output Ripple Voltage <150mV
Battery Current Limit max. 30A
Low Voltage Disconnect (Lead Acid) 10.5V ± 0.2V
Battery Connect after LVD (Lead Acid) 12.8V ± 0.2V
Low Voltage Disconnect (LiFePO4) 12.0V ± 0.2V
Battery Connect after LVD (LiFePO4) 13.8V ± 0.2V
Battery Drain <15mA (when in Storage Mode)
AC/DC Efficiency >83%
Cooling Fan Thermally Controlled
Solar Output Current 30A (nominal)
Solar Start Voltage 17.5V
Solar Input Voltage (after start-up) 15-25V
Ambient Temperature 0-50 °C
Communication Communication bus available
Weight 2kg


The load may be faulty, activating the protective electronic fuse and turning the
load off. If this is the case, the LED Status Indicator on the ASPower will flash a
solid red.
Should you encounter any faulty loads, please contact your caravan dealership.

All loads will power down, but the ASDisplay will still be in use if the ASPower
was put into ECO Mode.

The ASPower will be put into ECO Mode if:

The ECO Mode button on the ASDisplay has been pressed.
This turns off power to all caravan loads connected to the ASPower, except output 14.
Check if there is a green LED light next to the ECO Mode button on the
ASDisplay. If there is, press the ECO Mode button again to exit ECO Mode.

Battery voltage is very low. The ASPower will enter ECO Mode to conserve
remaining battery voltage, which will disable power to all caravan loads
connected to the ASPower.
Connect the ASPower to a power source and begin battery charging.

Check the following:

  • The battery connections are tight and not loose or corroded.
  • Battery polarity: red lead is positive, black lead is negative.
  • The battery fuse on the ASDisplay is fitted and not blown. The correct value is 40A.