View and control the status of your 12V battery

We designed BMPRO range of battery monitors and battery control units specially for RV industry. The range of monitors includes:

  • wall-mounted units
  • app-driven devices
  • apps on BYOD

Connect them to our range of Battery Management Systems to monitor the current status of your van’s power system and enjoy stress-free travelling.

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  • RV battery monitor Trek
  • 12V Battery Monitor RVView
  • JHub battery management system with RV control panelJHub Dasboard
  • 12V digital battery monitor JControl
  • JDisplay monitor
  • JHub app allows Jayco caravan owners monitor and control caravan features from their smartphone
  • wireless bluetooth battery monitor BatteryChaeckCheck your 12V battery with an app
  • 12v battery monitoring system Drifter