What Emergencies May Happen During Your Trip and How to Prevent Them?

What Emergencies May Happen During Your Trip and How to Prevent Them?

When planning a trip in your RV or caravan, it is important to consider the potential emergencies that may happen during your trip. Some of the most common problems that may arise during your travels include having a dead battery, running out of gas in a remote area, driving with incorrect tyre pressure, adverse weather conditions, and low water tank levels. These types of emergencies can very quickly turn your dream trip into a nightmare. However, by being proactive and prepared, you can prevent many potential problems from happening on your next getaway.

Whether you are a seasoned RV traveller or a first-time caravanner, understanding the most common emergencies that can happen on your trip and the ways you can prevent them will save you time and money.

Battery Voltage

A common emergency on a trip is your battery running flat. A dead battery can occur if the battery is old or if you forget to turn off your lights or other electrical devices while the engine is turned off. A common sign of a battery voltage emergency to look out for is when your RV or car won’t start, or when the lights on the dashboard flicker.

To prevent your battery from running flat during your next trip, make sure to check the voltage level regularly and keep the battery charged. It is also worthwhile to invest in a quality battery charger, so you can quickly charge your battery in the event of a discharged battery. 

Gas Tank Levels

Running out of gas is more common than you think. This can occur due to a variety of factors such as forgetting to keep an eye on your gas tank levels, miscalculating the distance to the next gas station or driving with under-inflated tyres. Running out of gas can be frustrating as well as problematic, particularly if you are in a remote area far away from any gas stations.

To prevent this, make sure that you plan your route carefully to know where the nearest gas stations are located and how far apart they are. Another is to regularly monitor your gas tank levels and fill up when your gas tank is around a quarter full. It is also a good idea to keep a filled gas can on hand in case you run out of gas, and you are too far away from the nearest gas station.

Tyre Pressure

When road tripping, it is critical to maintain the correct tyre pressure for your RV or caravan. Maintaining the correct tyre pressure is important for fuel efficiency, safety and for the maintenance of your RV or caravan. Under-inflated tyres can cause increased wear and tear and also make your vehicle harder to handle. They consume more gas making your trip more costly. On the other hand, over-inflated tyres can similarly cause a harsh ride, reduce grip on the road, and decreases the tyre’s ability to absorb bumps on the road.

It is recommended to avoid the issue of under or over inflated tyre pressure by regularly checking your tire pressure and adjusting it as necessary. BMPRO’s SmartPressure sensor can help you maintain an accurate recording of your tyre pressure.


Adverse weather can be a major cause for concern when traveling because of the unsafe driving conditions it creates. That is why it is important to be aware of weather conditions where you are travelling to. Whether it is hot or cold, both extremes can cause problems for your vehicle. Excessive heat can cause your engine to overheat, which can lead to serious damage if it is not addressed promptly. While colder temperatures can cause issues with your battery, tyres, and your engine oil.

Some steps you can take to prepare for adverse weather emergencies include checking the weather forecast before you leave and packing emergency supplies such as a torch and a first aid kit. It is also important to stay informed about weather conditions while on the road, and to adjust your driving habits accordingly. This might include slowing down, increasing your following distance, and avoiding areas that are prone to flooding or landslides. By taking the time to prepare and stay vigilant, you can ensure that your road trip will go as smoothly as possible.

Water Tank Levels

If you are travelling in an RV or caravan, one of the most important things to check is your water tank levels. The water tank supplies the entire water system and if it is empty or low, the water pump can burn out. To prevent this from happening make sure to check the water tank levels regularly and fill up when necessary.

The best way to check your water tank levels is by using BMPRO’s ProSmart Bluetooth monitoring system for your RV. This DIY installation allows you to connect up to 4 water tanks and helps check and maintain your water tank levels at any time from the comfort of your own device.

To address the emergencies discussed in this topic, BMPRO’s ProSmart product can help you monitor these emergencies in real-time, giving you confidence and peace of mind while travelling. ProSmart is a complete vehicle monitoring system that allows you to keep tabs on all the critical systems of your vehicle, caravan, or RV.

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