3 Must-Have RVs For Summertime Adventures

3 Must-Have RVs For Summertime Adventures

School’s out, summer’s here – which can only mean one thing – it’s time to pack up the family and head for your next adventure. If you’re new to on-the-road travel, you may be wondering, ‘what is the most suitable RV for my travel plans?’. Have no fear, we’ve got you covered!

This article explores our top three RVs for your upcoming adventures and how BMPRO products can help you power your adventures this Summer.

1.The Windsor Daintree

The Windsor Daintree

Built in South-East Queensland, the Windsor Daintree motorhome has been named after the only region in the world where the rainforest meets the ocean reef. This RV is built for off-grid living offering a spacious dual layout and generously sized kitchen fitted with high-end appliances to maximise your comfort.

At night-time after a long day of travelling and adventuring, at a push of a button the living space can transform into a large bedroom. The bedroom features a Queen size bed, which can be raised each morning to give you back your lounge space for the day. And if you’re looking to monitor the temperature of your RV and kitchen appliances, we suggest investing in BMPRO SmartTemp (shameless plug).

2. Explorer Motorhomes Pathfinder

Explorer Motorhomes Pathfinder

If you don’t want a large RV that is hard to park and takes up lots of space in your front driveway. We highly recommend the Explorer Pathfinder.

The Explorer Pathfinder is a 4WD RV that is perfect for couples or a few friends wanting to get away for an Aussie adventure this summer. It is a regular Ford Ranger 4WD that has been modified into an RV to fit perfectly in a standard-sized car park. The RV is built with a shower and toilet, slide-out beds and the ability to convert your outdoor dining area into another bed. This is particularly helpful if you have an extra friend tagging along on your adventures.

The Explorer Motorhome being a 4WD will mean you will most likely be wanting to tow a trailer to carry extra equipment for your adventures. Products like TrailSafe that are designed for your towing safety will truly help power your adventures. This trailer breakaway system provides immediate application of electric trailer brakes in case of accidental detachment of a trailer from your 4WD.

3. Jayco Optimum

Jayco Optimum

If you live in a family of four and want to take your family (and the dog) away for a summer adventure, Jayco Optimum is the perfect motorhome for your tribe. Fitted with a dishwasher and a small kitchen, it is essentially your home away from home.

With the Jayco Optimum, or any Jayco campervans and RVs you will find also BMPRO battery management solutions on board. BMPRO’s 12V Power Management systems are exclusively engineered and manufactured for Jayco Australia to help travellers monitor a caravan’s deep cycle battery and control its onboard features, including lights, water pump, hot water switch and slide-outs.

But no matter which RV you choose, the most important thing is to have fun and make lasting memories on your summer adventures. Happy RVing!

Get in touch with us to see how we can help power your adventures.

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