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13 Best Boondocking Locations on the East Coast

Boondocking is another term for dry camping or dispersed camping, meaning camping without access to shore power, dump stations, and hookups of any kind. Boondockers

Monitoring Your RV or Camper Tire Pressure

Tire pressure is a critical component of a safe and smooth ride in any RV, trailer, or campervan. If your tires don’t have enough air,

BMPRO Smart RV Systems

How smart is your RV? And does it really need to be? The term “smart” in the world of technology originated with a simple acronym:

Cooking While Boondocking: Must-Haves and Meal Ideas

Wherever you’re reading this, you deserve a virtual vacation. Take a moment, and imagine: You’re camping in the wilderness with your favorite people, pets, or

Must-Have Apps for Boondocking in the US

Boondocking. Dispersed Camping. Going Off-Grid. Whatever you may call it, the recreational pastime of finding a remote place to spend a night under the stars

A Guide to Monitoring Your RV Propane Tank Levels

Your propane tank is the key to comfortable camping in an RV, camper van, or travel trailer. It fuels everything you need to cook, clean,

How to Clean and Empty Your RV Water Tanks

Your water tanks are the lifeline of your RV so keeping them clean and in working order is vital. One of the things that makes

RV problems

As RVs get bigger, better, and more complicated—so, too, do the things that can go wrong with them. Read on for some common RV problems

Tips for Planning your Summer RV Trip Before It's Too Late

The open road is calling, but is your rig ready to hit the road? While it may still be cold in much of the US,

Remotely Monitor RV Fridge, Freezer, and Room Temperature

The benefits of remote temperature monitoring to your RV or campervan are enormous. An easy-to-use remote monitoring system can give you added peace of mind

Campervan on the road

BMPRO News Fresh off the heels of launching the ProSmart innovation, BMPRO’s latest update to their Smart RV System RVMaster is now providing American RV

YouTube How-To Videos for BMPRO dealers and customers

BMPRO supports their U.S. customers with a range of how-to videos on their YouTube channel.   Earlier this year, BMPRO launched their new smart RV

Elkhart BMPRO office

New office and warehouse Australia’s largest supplier of control and management systems for the RV industry, BMPRO, opens an office and warehouse in Elkhart, Indiana.

What's inside RVMaster

Today, Australia’s leading manufacturer of power management systems for the RV industry, BMPRO, announces its new relationship with Jayco USA. BMPRO has enjoyed a long-standing

RVMaster RV Monitor - Australian smart RV technology now available in USA

Press Release: AUSTRALIAN KNOW-HOW TAKES ON THE US RV INDUSTRY Melbourne, Australia, February 22, 2019 – As Australia’s leading supplier of control and power management

US National RV Trade show

LOUISVILLE, KENTUCKY Day One at the National RV Trade Show in Louisville, Kentucky. Louise Bayliss is checking out new innovative products and engaging with key