Lithium upgrade package now available

battery management system upgrade to lithium

From $1599 for complete upgrade of caravan power to lithium

BMPRO has been at the forefront of introducing Lithium batteries to the Australian RV market and now takes that one step further. Recognising that the cost to both install Lithium batteries and change to a dedicated Lithium charger is expensive BMPRO now has the capability to upgrade certain existing J35 and BatteryPlus35 systems. This program is only being offered through dedicated BMPRO dealers.


To upgrade, please contact your local BMPRO installer / dealer – they would require the information on the model and revision number of your BatteryPlus35 or J35 units (see table for more details).

The Revision number for the above items will either be on the front or the back of the unit. For the J35 models, the Revision number is located on the sticker on the front of the unit. For the BP35SR model, the Revision number is located on the sticker on the rear of the unit.

*Additional 12 months Warranty if J35/BP35 being updated is out of warranty. If unit being updated has over 12 months left of the original warranty period, no additional warranty is issued.

Upgrade to lithium battery
Model of the Power Management System Compatibility Conditions
Must be revision 6 or later
Must be revision 5 or later
Must be revision 8 or later
Must be revision 8 or later
Lithium upgrade process through your local dealer

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41 thoughts on “Lithium upgrade package now available”

    1. Olga kustova

      Hi Kathy,
      Have you got a BMPRO system already installed? – If yes, which model (JAYCOMMAND, RVMaster / RapidCamp++)?
      This article discusses the services offered to the Australian BMPRO customers, but we hope we will be to assist you as well.

  1. Hi there BMPro, what would be the average installation costs for the conversion change over to lithium?

  2. G’day, we just brought a van that comes with the BMPRO genius 30-35 and would like to go lithium, would like to know from you guys what I need to get this done please?

    1. Olga kustova

      Hi Dean,
      Genius does not support lithium – you would need a BatteryPlus35-II-HA that has a lithium charging profile. We would recommend to contact your local installer for the upgrade.

  3. Paul Mckinnon

    Hello can you please send me a dealer / upgrades list so I can get mine upgraded. I’m in Victoria

  4. Hi Folks,

    I have the BatteryPlus35-SR. How do I determine what version it is? It is 4 years old.

    Also I reside Brisbane northside so can you advise who the nearest dealers are that are authorised to perform this upgrade?

    Finally, when does this upgrade opportunity expire?

    Regards B.

  5. The conditions for the BP35-SR state “Must be revision 6 or later”. Is this referring to the hardware version of the BP35?

  6. Hi, is it possible to get a lithium upgrade to the J35B without having to buy the Lithium battery as well?


    Why wont you upgrade your existing customers units unless your lithium batteries are purchased as part of the upgrade . Feels like an upselling exercise

    1. Olga kustova

      Hi Michael,

      The lithium upgrade is packaged up through its network of dealers as an affordable alternative to existing customers with BMPRO battery management systems. For full compliance an authorised electrician is required to carry out the installation of the package.

      BMPRO choose to compliment the upgraded systems with a reliable lithium battery endorsed by BMPRO. These quality batteries have been rigorously tested over the past 3 years within our in house testing facility in Melbourne, to ensure 100% full compatibility and functionality with our BMPRO systems. The batteries come with a 3 (Zeal) or 7 (Invicta) year warranty, and full IEC certification, the only ones of its type distributed in Australia.

      In summary, by using BMPRO endorsed batteries we maintain the compatibility, reliability, integrity and functionality of the BMPRO complete system, which in turn provides the customers with a peace of mind and confidence with a quality, reliable power management system that will serve them well over time.

      Team BMPRO

  8. If the unit is upgrade to 100AH and i decide later on to go 200AH will the unit have to be returned for re programming ?
    Will the authorized dealer charge to remove and re install the unit or is that in the package?

    1. Olga kustova

      Hi Matt,

      We are upgrading the battery management system to a lithium charging profile. You could now opt for a 100Ah lithium battery, and later upgrade your battery to a 200Ah, no further changes in your power management system will be required.

  9. G’day. I have a model c.
    It has a sticker on the front that in the top left say REV: 12A
    Can it be upgraded?
    Cheers Cj

  10. Hi Olga,

    I have a compatible J35B (HW version 8.3A). Will my local installer perform the reflash, or will will they send it to BMPRO?



  11. Regarding the upgrade to a BP35-SR unit, does the absorption charging current capability get increased to 30 amps, or is it only a software/firmware/hardware modification to support the lithium charging profile?

  12. I am from launceston tasmania, do you have a dealer here to do the upgrade to lithium . I have a 2020 jayco with j35 B
    Cheers steve

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