Tyre Pressure Monitoring System


  • Maintains accurate recordings of tyre pressure and internal temperature
  • DIY installation in minutes
  • Package includes: 2 x tyre pressure sensors, 1 x toolkit


  • Compatible with BMPRO Smart RV systems JHub, Odyssey, JAYCOMMAND, RVMaster, ProSmart
  • Requires ControlNode103 (for JHub users) or OdysseyLink104 (for Odyssey users).

NOT a standalone product – only works with BMPRO Smart RV Systems

SmartConnect Ready




Caravan tyre pressure monitoring from an app

Underinflated tyres in your caravan can increase your vehicle’s fuel consumption and affect tyre wear, while slow leaks could cause a caravan roll-over. To stay safe on the road, monitor temperature and pressure in your RV tyres with TPMS SmartPressure.

Bluetooth tyre pressure monitoring sensors SmartPressure are a part of the SmartConnect range, used to monitor the status of the tyres of your RV.

Use the provided tool kit to mount the sensors on the tyres and pair them with your BMPRO Smart RV system (such as JHub, Odyssey, RVMaster, JAYCOMMAND) for monitoring.

SmartPressure requires ControlNode103 (for JHub users) or OdysseyLink104 (for Odyssey users).


The SmartPressure sensor transmits every ten minutes when the vehicle is stationary.

If the vehicle and sensor are in motion, it will transmit every minute or less.

The sensor will transmit every 5 seconds or less if a 5 kPa pressure difference is detected.

SmartPressure sensor batteries can be replaced by following the below instructions:

  1. Remove the sensor.
  2. Loosen the sensor housing with a wrench.



  1. Open the outer case of the sensor.
  2. Replace the CR1632 battery.



If you are replacing multiple SmartPressure batteries at once, take care not to
mix them up to avoid installing the wrong sensor.