Data Cable

Data cable for BMPRO systems

Key Features:

  • uniquely wired for BMPRO connectivity
  • not substitutable with standard data cables
  • RJ45 connector
  • BMPRO dedicated wired setup


Data cable - can bus

This cable is for use with a variety of the BMPRO products. It is the link between the Power Management Systems and the display screens (Trek, RVView, Odyssey, JHub) or node series (OdysseyLink, ControlNode).

The BMPRO data cables were first introduced with the introduction of the J35 and BP35 systems and have been designed unique to supply both power and data to various systems as detailed below.  It is not the same as a standard Ethernet cable that can be purchased “off the shelf” and if these are used in a BMPRO system they will most likely not by compatible.   The cable comes complete with standard RJ45 connectors and is simply “plug n’ play”.

Compatible with:

Battery & Power Management Systems Dispay and Node Series
BatteryPlus35 Series
J35 Series