12V Battery Monitor


  • battery voltage and charge status
  • battery charging & discharging currents
  • Auxiliary and solar charging currents
  • Level indication of up to 4 water tanks
  • Battery on/off status


  • Separate water tank screen
  • Function to disconnect the battery from the load
  • Includes OdysseyLink103 to enable SmartConnect and free Odyssey app

SmartConnect Ready

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Monitor your RV battery with a wall mounted 12V Battery Monitor

The RVView2 is a wall-mounted battery monitor designed specifically to operate with BMPRO’s BatteryPlus35. The RVView2 connects to the BatteryPlus35 via the data cable. The monitor gives you vital up-to-the-minute data about your caravan’s current status using a clear back-lit display. The display shows volts and amps, battery charge and discharge status, as well as the source input for the vehicle’s 12V system.

Input Amps shows the total current going through the BatteryPlus35, while Output Amps shows the current provided to appliances. Input source indicator displays mains, solar, auxiliary, or two simultaneously present power sources, if available.

System voltage displays the voltage across the battery terminals, while the battery symbol indicates whether the battery is charging, discharging, fully loaded or not fully loaded. As a power saving feature, the display will turn off automatically 30 sec after its activation.

In addition to battery monitoring, the RVView2 enables monitoring of water levels of up to four water tanks from a sleek, wall mounted display.

The RVView2 can be connected to the OdysseyLink103 to become a part of the Odyssey system. OdysseyLink103 enables SmartConnect Bluetooth sensors and the use of a free Odyssey App to remotely monitor the battery and control caravan’s water pumps from the mobile phone.

RVView2 is designed and manufactured in Australia.

Product Specifications

Input Voltage 6C-16V
Monitored Battery Capacity 50Ah to 600Ah
Water Tank Monitoring Dipper or Tank Bungs
Visual Warning BatteryPlus35 short-circuit
Battery Drain < 22mA
Ambient Temperature 0°C – 50°C
Size 140W x 80H x 15D