Battery Management System


  • Total output current 35A
  • 20A multistage battery charger
  • Inbuilt solar PWM regulator (240W, 20A, 25V max input)
  • Distribution board with 12 at 10A and 2 at I5A DC outputs for load connection
  • Electronic resettable fuses
  • CAN bus connection for BMPRO accessories
  • In-built battery management system
  • Solar and Aux Blending
  • Auxiliary DC input
  • Load current limit
  • Low voltage disconnect
  • Compatible with AGM, Wet, Gel deep cycle batteries

SmartConnect Ready



All-in-one Battery Management System for your caravan

BatteryPlus35-II-SI is a complete battery management system designed specifically for recreational vehicle applications. This all in one power solution combines a 35A power supply for 12V loads, 20A multi-stage AC charging and 20A Solar PWM regulation as well as a host of battery protection features. For more robust solar capability, choose a BatteryPlus35-II-SR  with an inbuilt 30A Solar MPPT regulation.

Connect the unit via CAN bus to the Trek battery monitor or to Odyssey touch screen via the OdysseyLink to monitor the status of your battery and to control your caravan features and functions or use it to connect to the BC300 to monitor high currents via CommLink.

Connect solar panels to the solar battery management system and power your adventures with renewable energy.

BatteryPlus35-II-SI is pre-cabled with a permanent mains power supply cord for use with 240V or 110V input power – great for powered sites.

The unit also features a 40A rated uncontrolled +BRK battery output. This output is specifically designed for loads which do not need to be isolated or have a current rating of higher than the inbuilt circuit protection of the individual outputs and have a current rating less than 40 A.

Use it to connect, for example:
Proactive Electronic Stability Control SwayControl
Emergency Trailer Break-Away Safety System TrailSafe
• Heaters
• Stereo memory

For Lithium Ion batteries, check BatteryPlus-II-HA high amperage battery management system featuring a charger with lithium profile.

Product Specifications

Input Voltage Range 110-240V AC ± 10%, 50-60Hz
Output Current 35A (Load + Battery Current)
Factory Set Voltage 13.65V (Float Voltage)
Output Ripple Voltage <150mV
Battery Current Limit max. 20A
Low Voltage Disconnect  10.5V ± 0.2V
Battery Connect after LVD  12.8V ± 0.2V
Battery Drain <15mA (when in Storage Mode)
AC/DC Efficiency >83%
Cooling Fan Thermally Controlled
Ambient Temperature 0-50 °C
Communication Communication bus available
Weight 2kg


The BatteryPlus35-II does not serve as a DC-DC charger. We offer the MiniBoostPRO, which is a DC-DC charger that can connect to the BatteryPlus35-II:



If your BatteryPlus35-II-SI unit has solar in built, the positive and negative leads from your solar panels are connected directly to the solar input and output on the solar distribution board. The solar regulator is in built for this.

It is not recommended to add additional solar regulators to your auxiliary port as they will likely conflict with one another, causing one to not charge.

No, you cannot. Lithium and lead-acid batteries require different charging profiles to keep charged and will not work together. It is best to use the same type of batteries, brand, model and date manufactured to get the best overall performance.

The solar card within the BatteryPlus35-II will limit the maximum output to ensure your batteries do not become overcharged. It is safe to have olar system that can produce more power than the maximum solar input on the BatteryPlus35-II.

When the BP35 is powered solely by DC power, there are physical limitations within the electronics, which mean that the unit will only start supplying power after approximately 30-45 seconds. If powered by AC power, these outputs such as lights etc. will turn on immediately.