SwayControl with Loom

Proactive electronic stability control

BMPRO SwayControl automatically corrects caravan / trailer sway keeping drivers safe on the road.



  • Automatically adjusts braking level
  • Applies braking force on the left & right brakes independently
  • Works with single to four axle caravans/trailers
  • Features an automatic system disabling in off-road conditions
  • Is fully sealed, waterproof and 100% tested for reliability
  • Wiring looming included for the easy installation

This device must be fitted by a trained and authorised installer



ESC wiring and SwayControl

SWAYControl by BMPRO

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Does your caravan sway?

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Installation of SwayControl

Tow safely with proactive electronic SwayControl.

BMPRO SwayControl is a proactive electronic stability control that can automatically stabilise a caravan/trailer in the event of it’s sway. It automatically corrects caravan/trailer sway which can be caused by changing road conditions, driver error, lateral winds or a passing truck keeping drivers safe on the road.

Electronic sway control is mounted on the underside of the caravan/trailer chassis, wires directly to the trailer braking system and continuously monitors trailer yaw to detect sway. In the event that sway is detected the SwayControl automatically activates the caravan/trailer brakes to bring both it and the vehicle under control.

SwayControl distinguishes between safe maneuvering and dangerous trailer sway and does not require driver intervention.
With independent control of left and right-hand side trailer brakes, and continual closed loop feedback, the SwayControl quickly and effectively applies the necessary braking force, to the side of the trailer where it is needed to correct trailer sway.

Prewired looming to enable an easy installation and also integration with the BMPRO Trailsafe Emergency Braking system is supplied with the electronic Sway Control.

Product Specifications

Power 12V
Power Source: caravan / trailer house battery
Dimensions:  55 x 89 x 146 mm
Sleep mode: 30 min inactivity
Wake up mode: brake controller signal
Auto System Disable (ASD): yes
ASD redetect: 5 seconds
Off-road deactivate: Automatic
Braking level adjustment: Automatic
Braking levels: Independent Left/Right
Maintenance: Nil
Warranty: 2 years
Status indicator: LED


There is no need to cut the wiring for the LED light. There is a  male and female plug connection located about 500mm on the LED loom.

The SwayControl contains a gyro inside the unit. When the gyro detects a .4 G force movement, it will apply the correct brake force to the side of the sway.

The SwayControl will enter off-road mode, when the up and down forces detected by the SwayControl are constant and are longer than 5 seconds.

The caravan/trailer must be equipped with a 12V battery system of greater or equal to 50Ahr.

The SwayControl cannot be fine-tuned. It will only apply the brakes in the event of a sway. At the time of the sway, it will auto-apply the brakes to the side in the sway event. The amount of brake force applied is dependant on the amount of sway being experienced.

Please check the wiring and ensure the unit is plugged in. The plug connection can sometimes be located inside the drawbar.

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