12V DC–DC Battery Charger



  • 20A multi-stage DC-DC charger
  • Charges 12V RV battery while driving
  • Suitable for AUX/secondary battery setup
  • Multi-chemistry charging profiles
  • Simple to install
  • Voltage or smart alternator

Designed for installation with BP35, J35 & ASPERO

LiFePO4 (lithium) compatible when installed with a BP35-II-HA and solar


In-vehicle 12V DC-DC charger for your RV

BMPRO’s Miniboost DC-DC charger is a critical component of complete BMPRO Power Management solutions and is capable of charging Lithium batteries in conjunction with a BP35HA, J35 or ASPERO with integrated solar capability.

MiniBoost is a compact DC-DC charger /booster for RVs. It is specially designed to work with BMPRO’s BatteryPlus35, J35 & ASPERO systems.  Charge your caravan or camper trailer’s house battery from the towing vehicle’s electrical system, even if the voltage delivered from the tow vehicle is lower than required for a recharge.

Need more power for charging whilst driving? Refer to the MiniBoostPRO 30Amp DC-DC charger. Compatible with all battery chemistries and includes the power of solar. 

The MiniBoost is not a power supply and must be connected to a battery.

To get more out of your solar panels while driving, or to use the DC-DC charger with a lithium battery, refer to 30A DC-DC charger MiniBoostPRO.


Input Voltage Range

10V - 15V

Output Current

Boost Mode – 20A, Bypass Mode – 30A

Output Voltage

Boost Mode – 14.4V, Bypass Mode – <1V less than input voltage

Output Ripple Voltage


Output Current Protection

Boost Mode – 21A (electronic), Bypass Mode – 31A (fuse)

Start Voltage

12.2V - 12.9V

Disconnect Voltage

9.1V - 10.5V

Battery Drain




Battery Chemistry

AGM, Gel, Calcium, Wet and Lithium LiFePO4*

Ambient Temperature

0°C - 50°C


RCM Approval, EMC CISPR 11, CFR 47 FCC Part 15



*Lithium LiFePO4 support only when installed with a BP35-II-HA and solar.


The MiniBoost is capable of charging multiple batteries installed in parallel.

The MiniBoost can work on the auxiliary input of other battery management systems, or it can be directly connected to a battery.