DC–DC Battery Charger



  • DC-DC charger specifically for RV applications
  • Input over-current and reverse voltage protection
  • Output over-current & short circuit protection
  • Output reverse connection protection
  • BMPRO signature durability and ease of use



DC-DC Charger MiniBoost

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MiniBoost OverView

BatteryPlus35 power management system by BMPRO installed with DC-DC boost-charger Miniboost

Installation with BP35HA

In-vehicle DC-DC charger for your RV

MiniBoost is a compact DC-DC charger /booster for RVs. It is specially designed to work with BMPRO’s BatteryPlus35 and J35 systems.  Charge your caravan or campertrailer’s house battery from the towing vehicle’s electrical system, even if the voltage delivered from the tow vehicle is lower than required for a recharge.

The MiniBoost DC to DC charger provides a 2-stage charging profile. It delivers an efficient and controlled current until the auxiliary battery is charged. Miniboost functions when wired directly to most 12V Lead Acid batteries.

The MiniBoost is not a power supply and must be connected to a battery.

To get more out of your solar panels while driving, or to use the DC-DC charger with lithium battery, refer to 30A DC-DC charger MiniBoostPRO.

Product Specifications

Output 14.4V (constant voltage)// 8-18A (constant current), depending on input voltage
Input 10-16 V
Battery Type 12V Lead Acid
Battery Chemistry AGM, Gel, Calcium or Wet
Operating Temp 0-50 C Ambient
Unit size 157x131x39 mm


The Miniboost can be connected directly to the battery but all loads must be fused.

If the vehicle remains connected, the vehicle battery will be drained, and the secondary battery may be overcharged.

The Miniboost will not connect directly to a solar panel. Refer to the MiniBoostPRO to use with solar input.

It can serve on the auxiliary input to other battery management systems or can be directly connected to a battery. The MiniBoost will also work with a Genius and ST series and may also work with with other charging systems.

Pending the ventilation and location this may be possible though you need to protect the unit from dust and water ingress. The MiniBoost is not waterproof and has a thermal cut out at 50°C.

The MiniBoost is capable of charging multiple batteries installed in parallel.

It is recommended to have a suitably qualified person wire in the relay into your car and the MiniBoost as close as possible to the house battery to ensure optimal performance

The MiniBoost has four connections. Connect orange to batt+ input, connect white to batt- input, connect red to batt+ (battery to be charged) and black to the batt-.

The MiniBoost can be connected to the auxiliary input of the BP35 or J35.  Initially when connected, the MiniBoost will provide a low current output until it detects a valid battery connected to the BP/J35.  If the battery is not detected, the MiniBoost will shut down.