Genius 15-35

Caravan Power Supply


  • Various charge modes
  • Safe, flexible and reliable
  • Battery protection features including – reverse, current limit, over voltage, voltage current limit and fuse protection
  • Compatible with all lead acid type batteries
  • Distribution board
  • Auxiliary input
  • Fault indicator

$ 545

Charge and Maintain Deep Cycle Batteries

The Genius is a revolutionary caravan battery management system, offering complete power solution for RV applications. Designed and manufactured in Australia, the slim and sturdy Genius is fully equipped to charge the current generation of deep cycle batteries.

To ensure that batteries are optimally charged and ready to use, the Genius has enhanced management capabilities such as boost charge, float charge, store charge and trickle charge modes. To ensure problem free charging, this device can also accept charge through an optional DC input.

The Genius has a range of battery protection features. They include reverse battery protection, battery current limit, over voltage protection, voltage current limit and fuse protection. The low voltage disconnect facility protects the battery against excessive draw. This device also hosts a thermally controlled fan to make sure that noise levels are kept to a minimum.


Output current 35 Amps
Battery current limit 15A (+/-1A)
Battery current limit (Genius +HA) 30A (+/-1A)
Input voltage 240VAC, 50Hz
Efficiency >90% (full load and 240Vac input)
Operating temperature 0°C to 50°C
Dimensions 316mm x 179mm x 87mm
Weight 4kg

The Genius is compatible with all lead-acid batteries excluding lithium style batteries.

The installation should be carried out be a suitably qualified electrician only. We suggest you contact an auto-electrician or a caravan service centre for further assistance.

It is most likely that you have solar panels connected to your caravan if this is occurring and your battery is either full or nearly full. In this situation the Genius is only required as a power supply and not a battery charger. The red and green LED indicator flashing occurs when the battery voltage is higher than what the Genius requires.

Example: The input amps from the solar panels is high enough to power the caravan (based on current amperage draw). There is no harm to the unit caused by this situation. If you do not have solar panels connected, please contact us for further assistance.

The Genius is proudly developed and manufactured at our head office in Melbourne – Australia, as is our whole range of BMPRO products.

The Genius is a fully integrated battery charger and power supply the combines multiple key features into one unit. The Genius is a power supply, a battery charger, and has an AC isolation switch, in built low voltage disconnect, a 10 circuit fuse board, auxiliary connection (direct connection for Anderson plug), battery fuse protection and low fuse protection.

Refer to the Genius Overview diagram for further information.

There are two models available, a 15A and 30A charger, both with a total of 35A output to loads.

This is dependent on what model Genius you have.

For the 15A model: We recommend a battery bank up to 200 Ah.

For the 30A model: We recommend a battery bank up to 400 Ah.

For further information on batteries and charging, please refer to the user manual.

You can replace fuses but only with the recommended fuse rating and type. Using the wrong fuse can cause overheating of the fuse board.

You need to connect your solar panels via a regulator directly to the battery bank. The Genius does not have a built in solar regulator and you should not connect any solar regulators to the Genius.

You can connect any DV source that is a maximum of 14.8V.

Example: Anderson plug connection. This input connects via an isolation diode directly to the fuse panel. There is no current limiting provided for this input. Any source connected to this must be current limited to lessen the battery fuse rating or the battery fuse may blow.