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Only available through distributors


November 02, 2017 / by / 0 Comment

All-in-one power supply and battery charger for your RV needs.

This product is currently only available through ARL Distributors. To contact them, please click here.

Latest technology in wireless battery management

BMPRO’s BatteryPlus35PM is a revolutionary battery management system designed to offer a complete power solution for recreational vehicle applications. This all in one power solution includes a 35A power supply for 12V loads, a 20A multi-stage charger, with the ability for an external solar regulator to be connected.

Key features:

  • Total output current 35A
  • 20A multistage battery charger
  • Distribution board with 14 DC outputs for load connection
  • Electronic resettable fuses
  • Provision for external solar regulator input (14.5V, 30A DCDC or 25A 30A PWM)
  • CAN bus connection for BMPRO accessories (including the Trek, CommLink/BC300)
  • In-built battery management system (BMS)
  • Auxiliary DC input
  • Load current limit
  • Low voltage disconnect
  • Charging profile: Lead Acid

BatteryPlus35PM has a host of battery protection features, is fully equipped to charge the current generation of deep cycle batteries and has enhanced management capabilities such as an adjustable battery charging profile. This system has also been specifically designed to communicate with BMPRO’s
innovative Trek display and monitoring unit, providing a new recreational vehicle experience.

The Trek has been designed to only function with the BatteryPlus35SR unit. Although the BatteryPlus35PM can be used without the Trek monitor, the Trek cannot relay data on it's own.

The BatteryPlus35PM and Trek system is a fully integrated Battery Management/Monitoring system. It includes a battery charger, power supply, low voltage disconnect, 12 output distribution board (rated at 10 & 15 amps), built in solar regulator, electronically reset-able fuses, AUX connection (direct connection for Anderson plug), water tank monitoring and battery charging/discharging ratings. The Trek unit can then display net amps, amps in from solar panels and amps in from AUX input whilst also controlling two water pumps.

It is a 20 amp charger.

If your BatteryPlus35PM unit has solar in built, the positive and negative leads from your solar panels are connected directly to the solar input and output on the solar distribution board. The solar regulator is in built for this.