Vehicle and Battery Monitoring System



  • Low voltage warning
  • Water tank monitoring and water pump control switch
  • Displays battery volts and amps, charge/discharge status, & remaining capacity
  • Battery Charging and Discharging indicator

Compatible with any 12V lead acid battery

Stress-free traveling with complete battery management data

The Drifter is a 12V battery monitoring system which allows you to take control and manage the state of your 12V battery life. It acts as a fuel gauge by monitoring and displaying information such as battery volts and amps, charge/discharge status, remaining capacity and water tank levels. Compatible with any deep cycle 12V lead-acid battery, the Drifter displays complete battery management data, allowing you to enjoy stress free traveling.


  • Large LCD screen for day and night viewing
  • Displays remaining time left in the battery
  • USB charging port
  • Clock and temperature gauge
  • Battery isolator switch

Input Range

8V – 15V DC

Battery Drain

<3mA (backlight off, no USB-attached device)

USB Output

0.9A max, charger only

Ambient Temperature

0ºC – 50ºC


149mm x 85mm x 22mm


You can run an inverter with the Drifter.

The Drifter can take up to 80A constant, 1000A peak with the standard 100A shunt.

A 200A shunt is available which is rated to 160A constant, 2000A peak.

The Drifter is not compatible with lithium batteries.

The state of charge algorithms are programmed for AGM batteries only.