BMPRO launches ASPERO – an all-new power management system designed for camper trailers and entry-level RVers

BMPRO launches ASPERO – an all-new power management system designed for camper trailers and entry-level RVers

MELBOURNE, Victoria – Inspired by the great outdoors, BMPRO continues to expand its range of rugged, smart, and reliable products with its newest addition, ASPERO. Australian-made and focused on convenience, this purpose-built Power Management System and information display is designed to power loads, charge batteries, and deliver real-time information on key RV parameters – guaranteeing peace of mind when travelling even in the most far-flung of destinations.

“As a company, we are committed to continuous innovation – working to creating reliable and smart solutions that elevate comfort and control over your vehicle’s functionality, so you are able to make sustainable decisions, proactively while off-grid,” BMPRO CEO, Louise Bayliss. 

“While there are plenty of battery management and Smart RV solutions out there, we saw a need for a more entry-level solution to suit a lower price point while still offering a high level of functionality and quality in line with what the market expects from BMPRO.”

ASPERO is a complete power management system, combining the ASPower Power Management System with the ASDisplay, a sleek slimline membrane display panel.

The ASPERO product is unique in the way that BMPRO has moved to a membrane-style display rather than utilizing a traditional table-based display screen. This innovative change was made in consideration of the minimal space available in camper trailers and provides a cheaper option for consumers. In addition, all monitoring and control are done directly via the membrane display touchscreen interface, rather than needing to connect to an app. This helps keep the cost down while still providing all the functional benefits that the target market requires.

The ASDisplay provides up-to-date information on battery, water tanks, and other connected loads. It shows the battery level of the RVs battery, the charging/discharging state, battery chemistry, active power sources, and the water levels of any water tanks with a BMPRO Dipper water level indicator (sold separately).

The ASPower Power Management System is suitable for both LifePO4 and lead-acid batteries, includes an integrated solar regulator suitable for input from solar panels up to 450W, and employs intelligent charging algorithms to ensure optimal battery health. RVers will benefit from the system’s automatic battery preservation mode that saves battery power until the user is ready and able to charge.

“With more people now more than ever taking to the road for their travel adventures, solutions like ASPERO are purpose-built to exceed consumer expectations – offering reliability, cost efficiencies, and comfort improvements that empower them to go further and last longer”, said Bayliss.

ASPERO is available installed through selected RV brands and authorised resellers.


With over 50 years of experience in power solutions combined with manufacturing and design facilities, BMPRO are the leading experts in RV power and control management. BMPRO has over 150,000 systems installed across various power management, control, and monitoring systems in the RV industry worldwide.

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4 thoughts on “BMPRO launches ASPERO – an all-new power management system designed for camper trailers and entry-level RVers”

  1. I love the BMPRO J35-D I have in my camper. Would love to see if I can connect this new screen to it.

  2. I was expecting an increase in the solar input to at least 800w, and at least 50amp 12v charging to be in conjunction with solar giving a possible 90amps of charge whilst driving for Lithium batteries. 240v charging at 35amp is enough even for large battery bank. This would then be the bees knees of systems in a very neat package and very affordable I suspect. No different to the Battery Plus35-II-HA really. Disappointing.

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