BMPRO Smart RV Systems

BMPRO Smart RV Systems

How smart is your RV? And does it really need to be?

The term “smart” in the world of technology originated with a simple acronym:

  • Self-
  • Monitoring
  • Analysis
  • Reporting
  • Technology

That’s a pretty apt shortcut to the self-monitoring-analyzing-reporting gadgets we’re all accustomed to these days. From smart cars to smart TVs to smart sprinklers and toasters, there’s not much we haven’t automated with the means of technology.

As you can imagine, a Smart RV is just that: a recreational vehicle fitted with the technology to remotely monitor and control its various components and functions. At BMPRO, we power the Smart RVs of adventurers all over the world with BMPRO’s suite of SmartConnect-ready monitoring systems.

How SmartConnect Monitors Work

BMPRO’s range of Smart RV solutions use Bluetooth and Wi-Fi technologies to control and report on features and functions of an RV via an app on the mobile phone or directly on the Android-powered console.

Depending on your RV or camper, the system may come with a BMPRO system already installed (see From the Manufacturerbelow). If that’s true for you, you can easily add more SmartConnect-ready accessories to your system.

It’s just as easy to add a complete BMPRO system to any camper van, trailer, or RV with one of BMPRO’s DIY Management Systems below. Build your perfect Smart RV with options for every tank, tire, and temperature.

With any SmartConnect-ready system, easy-to-install sensors can monitor tire pressure, multiple temperature points, propane levels, and much more, and can check the status anytime or set alerts when levels fall out of the desired range in a simple mobile app.

Shop Smart RV Systems from BMPRO

BMPRO systems are flexible and scalable, enabling the everyday RVer to level up their Smart RV game over time and gain peace of mind to power their next adventure.

From the Manufacturer

Learn more about the systems that come standard from leading RV manufacturers.

  • JayCommand
  • RVMaster

DIY Management Systems

Select the monitoring that matters to you with a ready-to-install solution from BMPRO.


  • SmartConnect
  • ProSmart
  • ProSmart Premium
  • ProSmart Starter
  • Odyssey


BMPRO was born in the outback of Australia to power the adventurers of everyday people looking to enjoy the wonder of the world around them. BMPRO Smart RV systems are still designed and manufactured in Australia and are available on the leading brands of RVs and caravans in the United States and Australia. Get to know the BMPRO adventure experts on YouTube and here on the Team BMPRO blog.

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