Why Lithium? 10 Reasons Why Lithium Batteries Are The Best Choice For Off-Grid Travellers

Why Lithium? 10 Reasons Why Lithium Batteries Are The Best Choice For Off-Grid Travellers

For many adventurers, travel is a way of life. You like to spend your days exploring, off-roading and packing in adrenaline rushes. If you love to travel, camp and live on the road, RVs with lithium-powered batteries are your new best friend.

Over the past decade, lithium batteries have become the ‘go-to choice’ for portable electrical storage systems in the RV industry. While the price point may seem like a con, lithium batteries offer your caravan or camper faster and more efficient charging, for only a quarter of the weight of AGMs – plus, they are also long-lasting.

Considering switching to lithium batteries? Let us help you make your decision. Here are 10 reasons why lithium batteries are the best for your RV.

Energy Levels

Lithium batteries are equipped to release energy at any level required by your RV. The amp-hour your RV needs is the total amount of energy that you wish to store and draw from. With an excellent inverter capacity, lithium batteries ensure that all electrical appliances can run simultaneously.

Size and Weight

Lithium batteries are beneficial for camper trailers, campervans, caravans, and small motorhomes as they store three to four times the electrical energy of a conventional battery. You can also increase storage space within the RV, as lithium batteries are lighter and smaller in size, reducing the overall payload.

Constant Voltage

With conventional deep-cycle batteries like AGMs, voltage drops from 12.75 to 11.40 as they discharge. A drop in voltage can also occur with an increased payload. However, with lithium batteries, RVs can harness peak power and offer substantially constant voltage. Regardless of the load, lithium batteries also ensure your RV doesn’t have power problems.

Accepts High Charge Current

If you travel in your RV often, it is essential that your vehicle be equipped with the right tools to manage current. A lithium-powered battery is able to accept 100 to 200% of high charge currents, unlike AGM batteries which are limited to only 25 to 30%. Realistically, you need an RV that can accept exceptionally high charges of current, and switching to a lithium battery takes care of that.

Withstands routine deep discharges

With a conventional battery like lead acid and AGM, typical lifespans range between 500-600 cycles with 50% routine discharge. However, lithium batteries are claimed to last for 2,000 cycles with 20% remaining in routine discharges. This offsets the higher costs of owning lithium batteries and fully recharges in lesser time compared to an AGM battery.

Provides Safety

For both newbie and veteran travellers, safety is a key concern. Ensuring the interiors of the caravan are well-ventilated is essential to stop hydrogen build-up. Batteries must be kept in ventilated areas to prevent damage and prevent the risk of fires. Lithium batteries are non-cobalt based so they prevent the risk of fires and can be placed in enclosed spaces like RVs and caravans.

Improved Performance

Batteries are prone to be affected in lifespan and performance in extreme weather conditions. A lead-acid battery becomes weaker in winter due to increased load. However, lithium batteries warm up on use, reducing the battery’s resistance and increasing its voltage. Using lithium batteries in RVs and caravans in extreme weather is the better option, as they can also be engineered for specific temperatures.

Cost Saving

Off-grid travellers and RV owners usually choose lead-acid batteries to save on costs. However, the lifespan of such batteries is lesser, meaning you spend more on replacing your system. While lithium batteries are priced a little higher, their long lifespan and efficiency mean that you won’t have to constantly replace your battery, helping you save money and time in the long run.

Longer Lifespan

As lithium batteries have low discharge rates, they can be used for longer time periods without any harm. Additionally, conventional batteries are reliant on temperatures below 25 degrees Celsius to perform. With lithium batteries, you don’t have to worry about temperature and other disruptions and can enjoy travelling peacefully for a very long time!

Faster charging

Another advantage that lithium batteries offer RVs is a fast-charging rate. This makes them more efficient as they can be charged at a higher amperage, making them an attractive investment for RV and caravan owners. Lithium batteries are also suited to use with solar charging systems, making them perfect for off-grid travellers.

So, how do you choose the right lithium battery for your off-grid travels?

Our experience suggests that the Invicta Lithium Batteries are the perfect match for a range of quality RV battery charging and monitoring systems. BMPRO’s Invicta batteries weigh less than 50% of a lead acid battery and have longer lifecycles, utilisation capacity and better lower discharge.

We believe that the future of RV power is lithium. With many manufacturers already shifting to lithium batteries for cars and other vehicles, the RV industry and off-grid travellers should make a switch to lithium to enjoy a smoother travel experience. You can learn more about lithium batteries through our dedicated series!

Get in touch with us to see how we can help power your adventures.

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