Top 5 Fitness Tips While Road Tripping

Top 5 Fitness Tips While Road Tripping

Have you ever been on a long road trip, just sitting in the same seat for hours on end wishing that it would be over? On long road trips, we usually don’t have spare time for fitness and health. When moving from one place to another we get little sleep, eat very unhealthy foods, and rarely get to exercise or stretch.

With a huge focus on self-care, it’s just as important to look after yourself during a road trip as you do when you’re not on one. Just like how having a cold would change how you experience a holiday, so can your mental health – which is highly possible after spending countless hours cooped up in a vehicle. Having a self-care routine while you’re on the road can help keep your mind (and body) ready for the adventure you’ve set out for.

This inspired us to create a list of our top 5 tips to ensure that you look after your health and fitness whilst on the road.

1.Get out and stretch

Get out and stretch

When you’re driving it’s easy to get tired – the mundane tasks of checking your mirrors and driving in a straight line with nothing going on for countless kilometres can get all too familiar. Muscle pain and stiffness can also occur when you’ve been sitting in one position for far too long. This is why it is important to stop, get out of the car and stretch.

Stopping every few hours to stretch and get your blood pumping is essential for you physically and mentally.  A break from driving helps your mind to reset and re-energise for the rest of your drive. If the time allows, then a quick walk or bodyweight exercises and stretches can provide your body with the movement it needs to maintain your fitness.

2.Mobile gym

As previously mentioned, your muscles can easily get fatigued when in prolonged periods of inactivity. Remember to pack some resistance bands or some light weights when you go on road trips so that you can get a workout in while you stop for fuel, meals or sleep over at your hotels. If you don’t have any equipment, then bodyweight exercises such as HITT or callisthenics are easy to incorporate to maintain your fitness while also saving space.

3.Eating clean

While cheat days are an essential part of a sustainable health and fitness journey, it’s important to eat as clean and healthy as possible, regardless of whether you are on holiday or not. It’s easy to fall into bad habits and eat greasy food, especially while on the road. Plan your meals ahead and prepare some meals for the road trip or find places that offer healthier alternatives to the go-to Maccas. Check out our post on our favourite healthy road trip snacks.

4.Incorporate fitness activities

Incorporate fitness activities

Incorporating some physical activities into the sightseeing is probably the easiest tip so far! Try a hiking trail to a waterfall or stop by the beach for a quick swim. Little activities like these will help break up repetitive tasks like driving and help you stay fit while on your road trips. Exercising outdoors also increases the production of endorphins which are happy chemicals that make you feel better and boost your mood.



The final and most important factor contributing to our health and fitness is sleep. While society normalises sleeping late and waking up early, getting the right amount of sleep is pivotal to be performing at our peak both physically and mentally. Getting enough sleep will ensure that your body is able to recover quickly and will improve your performance.

Almost 80% of Australians have reported that they are less productive after poor sleep. In fact, driver fatigue has been reported by the Government as a major safety hazard with 15% of fatal crashes and 11% of serious injury crashes relating to fatigue alone. When you’re on a road trip you want to ensure that you are well-rested, safe and have enough energy to do all the little adventures along the way whether it be hiking or an exercise routine all while enjoying your holiday.

Regardless of where you are going, these tips prove that by making small changes or additions you will never need to choose between keeping up with your fitness journey and enjoying your holiday.

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