ProSmart range grows with ProSmart Starter

ProSmart range grows with ProSmart Starter

25 March 2022, MELBOURNE, Australia – Following the recent release of ProSmart Premium in October 2021, BMPRO has now announced a latest addition to its range of RV smart technologies in the form of ProSmart Starter. The expansion of the Melbourne-based manufacturer’s existing smart technology products is set to allow for a greater number of travellers (both new and old) to improve the way they explore the great outdoors.

ProSmart Starter kit
Monitor essential functions and appliances at your own pace.

Designed to promote accessibility, BMPRO CEO Louise Bayliss said,

“ProSmart Starter has been developed with the goal of offering ProSmart to newer RVers, caravanners, and outdoor adventurers. ProSmart Starter will allow users to get comfortable with using a smart RV system and add devices later, so that they can monitor their essential functions and appliances at their own pace.”

The move is set to give users a greater level of choice and freedom to decide which RV parameters they wish to monitor. According to Bayliss, “ProSmart Starter offers the ability for RV enthusiasts and campers to build their own Smart RV system as they need – purchasing additional sensors as they become more familiar with how the ProSmart system works.”

ProSmart Starter includes the SmartLink node, one 12V cable, and the provision for connecting four (4) water tank sensors. This is an entry-level product that introduces first-time campers/farmers/remote workers to be self-sufficient in remote or off-grid settings independent of Wi-Fi connection, providing them with a simple way of monitoring their 12V battery and water tanks. The system can also be paired with up to 40 SmartConnect Bluetooth sensors, allowing for the monitoring of temperatures using SmartTemp, tyre pressure using SmartPressure and readings of gas bottle levels using SmartSense, all viewable from the ProSmart mobile app.

ProSmart Starter package
What's in ProSmart Starter?

“For campers who are less ‘tech savvy’ but still want to monitor their functions during off grid travel, ProSmart Starter is a great system to guide them as they become more comfortable with smart technology in their RV or caravan”, said Bayliss.

To install the ProSmart Starter system, users simply need to place the SmartLink close to the power source (12V battery), mount it on the wall with four screws, connect the battery with the supplied cable, download the free ProSmart app and pair it with the SmartLink. The status of the battery will be displayed on the app.

The introduction of ProSmart Starter opens the market up to less experienced travellers, allowing them to make smarter, safer decisions while travelling to a campsite or going off the grid. It also allows for greater flexibility for those with unique needs even outside of the RV industry, requiring to monitor multiple items simultaneously.

ProSmart Starter is available via BMPRO website and authorised resellers.

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