How many adventurers does it take to change a battery?

Changing a battery doesn’t have to be difficult, follow our step-by-step guide below.

Tools required:

  • New battery
  • multimeter
  • 10mm socket
  • 14mm socket
  • Phillips head screwdriver
  • ratchet

Step 1

Today we are replacing a 60AH wet cell battery with a 100AH Zeal Lithium Battery. We have been told by the customer that the battery is faulty and not holding charge. Before removing we will double-check that the battery is flat

step 1

Step 2

Check the voltage of your battery with a multimeter, as we can the battery is at 4.986. This would indicate that the battery is no longer holding charge. You can now remove the fuses at the battery

step 2
step 2(2)

Step 3

Using the spanner disconnect the negative terminal first. The system is now completely safe and we can now remove the battery

step 3

Step 4

Don’t forget to disconnect any other accessories (and then reconnect with a new battery) It is a good idea to label your wire for future references and may help with any fault finding

step 4

Step 5

Remove the battery securing bracket/straps.

Loosen and remove the positive terminal, be sure not to make contact with the negative terminal

step 5

Step 6

Remove old battery

step 6

Step 7

Replace with new battery, when placing be sure not to crush or damage any wires

step 7

Step 8

Refit battery strap/bracket, reattach negative terminal back to shunt if required. Reconnect negative terminal

step 8

Step 9

As this is an upgrade from AGM to lithium, we must connect the chemistry wire to the battery. In this installation, we have connected it into the output connection of the Miniboost pro Battery


We can now screw the connections down to the battery, starting with the positive and then the negative

step 9
step 9(2)

Step 10

Here we are simply putting the fuses back in and the system is now ready to rock and roll

Step 11

For changing of lithium profile, you may require, wire cutters, wire strippers, a flat blade of a Phillips head screwdriver.

step 11

Step 12

In this install, we can see the connection block at the back for the input and outputs of the Miniboost pro, Maxi Fusing on the top of the battery.

step 11

So, how many adventurers does it take to change a battery?

The answer is one! Changing a battery doesn’t have to be difficult, and with the right tools and setup, it can take you as little as 15 minutes!


Happy Trails!

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