Communication Centre for Odyssey and SmartConnect systems

$ 295



  • SmartConnect ready – allows connecting Bluetooth sensors
  • Integral part of Odyssey Smart RV system
  • Includes data cable to connect to BatteryPlus35

Communication centre is an integral part of any smart RV.

OdysseyLink103 is a communication centre for smart RV systems, such as Odyssey and SmartConnect. It communicates wirelessly and via CAN bus, connecting your vehicle’s power management system to the monitor, display or an app.

OdysseyLink103 comes supplied as a standard on 2020 RV models of major Australian manufacturers, and allows campers to use Odyssey app on their own smartphone. OdysseyLink103 is also SmartConnect ready, allowing to connect multiple Bluetooth sensors, such as SmartSense, SmartTemp, or SmartPressure, to wirelessly monitor variety of caravan’s parameters.

The owners of caravans with Odyssey onboard can replace their existing OdysseyLink to OdysseyLink103 for SmartConnect compatibility, and enjoy the new level of integration in their RV.

Weight0.02 kg
Dimensions20 × 14 × 6 cm


Retrofitting OdysseyLink