RV multiplex system


  • Monitor: water tanks, temperature, battery and fuel.
  • Control: lighting, slide-outs, awnings, HVAC, generators.
  • Integrate: tire pressure monitor, propane sensor, and more.
  • Wi-Fi and Bluetooth technology
  • Australian designed and made

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RVMaster tech tips

Manage RV features via a console or an app.

BMPRO’s RVMaster is a RV multiplex system for easy management of RV features via a console or an app. The RVMaster brings smart technology to your RV taking control and management of your RV to new horizons!

The RVMaster’s sleek, wall-mounted console gives you the freedom to monitor and control multiple RV functions, all from one convenient location in your RV. The user-friendly, easy to understand app for Android and iOS, the RVMaster App brings RV information to your fingertips.

Different system configurations are available depending on the RV model – with an option of a wall mounted display or a controller and nodes of different appearances.

Using the latest technology in Bluetooth and CAN Bus, such as the RV-C system developed by the RVIA, the RVMaster enables integration of further monitoring functions such as TPMS, propane tank monitors, open/close sensors and more at a later stage.

Download detailed instructions on how to connect to the internet, create a Google account and update the RVMaster App.

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