Complete 12V power management system



  • Vital caravan information at your fingertips
  • Effortless control over caravan power
  • Free camp with confidence
  • Harness the power of solar and lithium
  • Wi-Fi and Bluetooth technology
  • Australian designed and made by BMPRO
  • Download free Odyssey app (requires OdysseyLink103 or later)
  • SmartConnect ready (models 2020 and onwards)

SmartConnect Ready

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Smart Technology Odyssey

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Odyssey Tech Tips

Embark on a Smart Technology Odyssey With Complete 12V Power Management System For Your Caravan

12V power management system  Odyssey consists of a battery and power management system BatteryPlus35, an OdysseyLink, connected to the BatteryPlus35 via a data cable, a wall mounted touch screen monitor and a free Odyssey app.

Monitor caravan’s deep cycle battery and control its onboard features, including lights, water pump, hot water switch and slide-outs – all from a single touchscreen or via an app. Operate slide-outs from outside to ensure it is safe to do so. Check battery’s estimated time to discharge or ensure solar panels provide enough power – always be in control of your caravan power. Download the free app to take control over your caravan in the palm of your hand. Moreover, for caravan models built in 2020 or later, pair a range of Bluetooth sensors SmartConnect to monitor tyre pressure, gas level in the propane gas bottles, and temperatures (for example, temperature in the fridge, freezer or in the living areas).

The Odyssey gives users a new level of comfort and knowledge about the caravan’s battery and power consumption including:

  • Full visibility and control of the caravan’s battery system including battery status, power consumption and available charge sources
  • Monitoring of clean and dirty water tanks and caravan temperature
  • Control of caravan features, including lights, slide-out and water pumps
  • Monitoring a range of Bluetooth connected sensors
  • Connect and monitor multiple 12V appliances
  • Opportunity to adjust the display to your caravan configuration

With the 12V power management system Odyssey, travel to the yet unseen destinations backed up by the smart Australian designed and manufactured technology.

Odyssey: System components

Odyssey monitor

batteryPlus35 Power management system


Free Odyssey app


Odyssey app is compatible with Android 4.2 and above and iOS 11 and above.

No, the Odyssey does not have a screen save function.

There is a screen overlay that will appear after the app has been inactive for a period of time.

The OdysseyLink has been primarily designed for use within an RV and not within a motor vehicle (due to the large amount of potential interference). Within the RV, the OdysseyLink should be placed as far away as possible from other devices or metal objects which would cause interference.
This cable is most likely the external temperature sensor, that can be connected by the bare wires to the OdysseyLink and affix securely the square end (the temperature sensor) to the location you wish to monitor.

The Bluetooth within the Odyssey system has been tested and proven to work up to 20 metres in a direct line of sight. This distance will vary depending upon circumstances and interference such as the wall of an RV.

You cannot connect to the system if not paired previously. Note that you can only pair to system after the pairing button has been pressed. Pairing of phone and OdysseyLink104 should be initiated within 30 seconds after pressing the pairing button.

To use the Odyssey app, pair your mobile phone with OdysseyLink103 via Bluetooth. The OdysseyLink104 is connected to the BatteryPlus35-II power management system. OdysseyLink104 is supplied standard with all 2020-2021 caravan models equipped with BMPRO BatteryPlus35-II series of power management systems. It can also be retrofitted to older models, replacing the installed OdysseyLink, or adding an OdysseyLink104 to the existing BatteryPlus35 power management system (requires BatteryPlus35 Revision 12A or later).

Revision number of the BatteryPlus35 can be accessed via About menu on the Odyssey monitor and in Settings menu on the Trek under BP HU.

Yes. The Odyssey display allows for “eco” mode, this only turns off the positive fused outputs 2-14. For a complete 12v shut down, flick the remote switch (RSW). Check the manual for more details.

From the Odyssey home screen, tap the Settings button, and scroll down and press Preferences.

From there, you can change temperatures to be measured in either Celsius or Fahrenheit, and tyre pressures to be measured in either kPa or psi.

Your phone should still be able to control the system as long as the cable from the BatteryPlus35 is powering the OdysseyLink104.

If your phone cannot connect to the system, check that the Remote Switch (RSW) is not activated.

If the source is available but not yet active, 0.0V should be displayed.

If the connection is wrong, the system will believe the source is not present. The OdysseyControl or Odyssey App will display “—“.