RVMaster – smart RV Control in your hands

RVMaster – smart RV Control in your hands


Fresh off the heels of launching the ProSmart innovation, BMPRO’s latest update to their Smart RV System RVMaster is now providing American RV and outdoor enthusiasts with more control and flexibility across the functionality of their RV than ever before – bringing forward exciting new features such as UX upgrades.

RVMaster RV Multiplex system
RVMaster Multiplex System by BMPRO

RVMaster: Premier, ever-evolving System

“RVMaster stands as BMPRO’s premier, ever-evolving system. Our focus with this product is on providing continuous, consistent updates that help enhance the user experience for maximized control. The most recent upgrade brings improved UI that is created to provide the luxury of smart home technology onboard their mobile home, enabling them to access a range of additional functions through the RVMaster platform and experience a level of comfort previously unseen in the industry”, said BMPRO CEO Louise Bayliss.

Besides its compatibility with BMPRO’s advanced SmartConnect system, RVMaster’s new update harnesses the potential of an integrated platform, further enhancing its potential with new capabilities for centralized control.

Two interfaces now available

RVMaster’s sleek, wall-mounted interface is now available in two options: as a controller powered by Android for the purpose of additional control and a monitor to multiple RV parameters.  Users have the option to set up the system as either an intuitive touch screen, or as a compact LCD display with control buttons, both backed by the RVMaster app that can be installed on up to four mobile devices.   

Two node configurations for extra flexibility

The RVMasterNode is a power and RV management system designed to communicate via Bluetooth with the controller or display, wall switches and mobile phones, to receive commands that control RV features and accessories. Two node configurations are now available, providing the manufacturer with flexibility to either opt for a product with extended features and functions or for a more compact solution.

The node allows for wired connection to lights, motor controllers, awnings & slides, generators, and HVAC. The new update also sees the addition of Bluetooth connection to gas, temperature and tire pressure sensors, thus integrating RVMaster Smart RV System with BMPRO’s SmartConnect range of Bluetooth sensors for further system flexibility.

RVMaster is designed to provide users with control over their RV via the wall mounted interface, number of in-built switches and/or from the palm of their hands through a singular, user-friendly app.

BMPRO has gone to great lengths to ensure that smart technologies can be integrated across a number of different settings, essentially creating a “smart home on wheels”. RVMaster will now also integrate with a number of third-party technologies, from organizations such as Winegard and Lippert. These integrations will grant RV users additional control over functions like Wi-Fi or electrical levelling from their smartphone, tablet or RV console, using the same RVMaster app.

“Dealerships and end users alike will reap the benefits of integration. With access to RVMaster, Bluetooth add-ons from their local dealership provides end users with useful technology upgrades that will help them achieve extra levels of comfort in the great outdoors”, said Bayliss.

“Our work with Thor Motor Coach has adapted the RVMaster to design their specifications, giving end users a sleek, up market feeling across the dashboard and user interface. BMPRO has been able to configure RVMaster in a number of different arrangements to fit the needs of the RV model and the tastes of the end user.”

RVMaster Multiplex System
RVMaster - System Diagram

RVMaster – point of difference

Despite the brand’s strong relationship with Jayco USA and Thor Motor Coach, BMPRO has made it clear they have no plans to change their position as an independent provider to OEM companies.

Louise Bayliss recently stated, “In such a competitive market, RVMaster gives manufacturers the ability to differentiate themselves.  We don’t want to see our customers locked into a proprietary system – we want them to be able to integrate products from a range of suppliers – BMPRO will stay independent.”

BMPRO works with manufacturers to match multiple floor plan configurations with the RVMaster app, to integrate technology in the manner suited to all models. By allocating functionalities of choice, manufacturers can make installations as part of the initial integration. This step helps save substantial time during the configuration of the RV. Additionally, RV owners can keep up to date on any new updates to existing models. These updates occur “over the air”, where the app operates as a conduit to download firmware that transfers information onto existing systems.

To learn more about RVMaster, check our website.

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2 thoughts on “RVMaster – smart RV Control in your hands”

  1. Hello. I am interested in your product. But currently I amtold that your company has been bought out and as of this info suppliers in Canada have no product and no idea of when this product will return to the canadian market. I am interested in this product due to the large diversity that it offers. If someone could respond on plans of supply and or avalibilty to canada that would be great. I am looking at purchasing a tire minder kit but would wait and purchase this if the supply will be avaiable. As well I dont want to pay and have shipped from australia if the company will be disbanneded and have no replacement parts or warrenty.

    1. Hello Charles,
      No the company hasn’t been bought out. I will ask our North American customer service team to get in contact with you to discuss supply and availability.
      Regards Brad

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