ProSmart 2.0 – First App Update Now Available

ProSmart 2.0 – First App Update Now Available

1st of December, 2021 – Press Release

Following the recent release of the multi-functional ProSmart system, BMPRO has now announced that the ProSmart mobile application will be receiving its first app update – introducing several improvements and features for an enhanced customer experience. The Melbourne-based systems manufacturer has indicated that the focus of this update will include a number of important updates to optimise ProSmart enhancing usability for its customers.

Adventures with ProSmart
Family camping on the Great Ocean Road

Greater degree of customisation

BMPRO’s CEO Louise Bayliss stated that, “this update is primarily focused on an optimised interface for diverse groups of customers as well as offering a greater degree of customisation across the entire ProSmart system.”

The update will allow users to set up two to four icons per row detailing the status of RV/caravan functions and associated appliances, with a greater level of ease than ever before. Furthermore, users will be able to manually set thresholds for functions such as temperature and tyre pressure, allowing them to respond to changes quicker and make better decisions faster. The sensor software interface will be customisable, enabling users to organise displays to an arrangement that best suits their needs.

ProSmart 2.0 new app screenshots and functions
App screenshots: ability to set global alerts, place two to four sensors per row, filter by the sensor type.

Bayliss said, “the customisation offered in ProSmart’s latest update means that each and every user of the app can uniquely configure the layout, settings and monitoring capabilities to their specific requirements and circumstances.”

“ProSmart’s first app update will provide users with greater visibility into their RV, allowing them to focus on the key functions that they want to monitor, with greater precision and focus than ever before.”

It is important to note that while changes are expected, the traditionally useful features that gave the ProSmart app value will remain on the platform, including the ability to customise the name of wired sensors, the ability to unpair BLE sensors in the settings menu and the method of pairing with SmartLink.

“This update will bring a whole new level of individuality and freedom, ensuring that customers can monitor the features that they want, when they want, in the way that works best for them”, said Bayliss.

The updated ProSmart app is expected to offer RV enthusiasts an enhanced user experience, while delivering the same level of comfort and convenience to help power adventures.

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5 thoughts on “ProSmart 2.0 – First App Update Now Available”

    1. Hi William,

      Are you running any internet security packages on the phone (such as antivirus programs)? Is there enough space on your phone?
      Are you on iOS or Android? This information will help us troubleshoot your issue.

    1. Hi William,

      Absolutely – it’s the same product. If you have already purchased ProSmart, please update your app in the App Store / Play Store.

  1. vicki.taylor64

    Neither my husband nor I have been able to access the trailer system through remote connect since the fall. It worked and then it didn’t! It is critical to us since our 2 dogs are in the trailer during the day while we are at work so I need to be able to monitor the temperature or start the generator in the event of a power outage

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