SmartSense Premium

Pair Of Gas Bottle Level Sensors


  • Compact, lightweight, tough, water and dust resistant
  • Suits most portable domestic gas bottles
  • Easy DIY installation with extra strong magnets
  • Communicates with smartphones via Bluetooth
  • Package includes: 2 x gas bottle monitors

Compatible with BMPRO Smart RV systems JHub, Odyssey, JAYCOMMAND, RVMaster






Most of the caravanners don’t travel without two gas bottles. With SmartSense premium, you could monitor gas bottle level on both of them, via a single app. SmartSense gas bottle level sensors are compatible with Odyssey and JHub apps, which allow connecting and monitoring up to two devices, which is just perfect for serious travellers! Alternatively, you could use a standalone SmartSense app, also available to download free of charge.

The SmartSense sensor has a standard non-rechargeable replaceable 3V round battery CR2032. SmartSense app works on all devices that have Bluetooth 4.0 + Low Energy (BLE).

When used as a part of JHub or Odyssey app, SmartSense Premium requires ControlNode103 (for JHub users) or OdysseyLink104 (for Odyssey users).


Yes, you can. Using a small screwdriver, lift the lid which is held by the snap fit. Lift the board with electronics carefully and replace the battery. Place electronics board back into base. Pay attention to wire routing so that wires do not get pinched when lid is reassembled. Also check that the enclosure seal is properly seated into the base. Place the lid back and press to secure all four snap fits.
One year on average depending on the operating temperatures. The battery will typically last longer in warmer environments.
  1. step one – The SmartSense may still be in factory mode – press the orange button 5-6 times
  2. step two – ensure Bluetooth and Location services are both activated on your phone
  3. step three – retry pairing by press and hold sync button to enable SmartSense app to detect unit

No, SmartSense sensor will not work with a 45kg gas cylinder.

This is due to the thicker steel that is used, which can affect sensor readings.

SmartSense sensors utilise ultrasonic technology to measure the gas levels.

It then transmits this information to your device via Bluetooth.

Yes, SmartSense is equipped with two super strong magnets holding the sensor in place on the gas bottle when travelling in a RV.

The filling of nominal 9kg bottles with 8.5kg of gas was a safety initiative of the Australian LPG industry. The same is true of 4kg bottles being filled with 3.7kg of gas.

  1.  Ensure the base of your propane gas tank is clean. Remove any debris, excess paint or rust.
  2. Open your app and navigate to the SmartSense screen.
  3. Follow the instructions in the app to pair your SmartSense sensor.
  4. On the SmartSense sensor, press the orange sync button. If this is the first time you are using the sensor, press the orange sync button six times to wake it from Sleep mode.
  5. Using the supplied grease, apply a generous amount to the rubber pads on the back of the sensor.
  6. Use the sensor’s magnets to attach the sensor to the bottom of the tank. Make sure the rubber pad between the magnets makes good contact with the tank, and the sensor is in the centre of the tank.
  7. Return the tank to it’s upright position. It might take a few minutes for the gas to settle and for readings to stabilize.
  8. The sensor is now paired to the app and will show the current gas level of your tank.

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