Exploring Western Canada Now Improved with BMPRO Onboard

Exploring Western Canada Now Improved with BMPRO Onboard

Elkhart, Indiana: Leading Smart RV and power management solutions provider, BMPRO has landed — ready to hit the scenic highways of beautiful Alberta, Canada through an exciting new partnership with ARKTO Campers.  Based in the city of Edmonton, Alberta, ARKTO Campers are the manufacturer of a multi-functional travel trailer designed to push the boundaries of traditional camping and take campers on a journey off the beaten path.

“We designed our trailer to maximize functionality and comfort for both off-road and front country camping. We like to believe that the ARKTO Campers G12 allows you to rethink the way you explore nature! Some of our major selling points is our extremely functional outdoor kitchen and substantial storage capacity. That combination is not so common in the off-road trailer segment. So, we figured, let’s set ourselves apart even further, by joining up with a company like BMPRO. As leaders in RV power management and Smart RV Solutions, BMPRO provides reliable and advanced solutions that guarantee that our trailers are future-proofed to consistently enhance ones travel experience for many years to come.” 

Aaron Nerenberg, Owner of ARKTO

Yosemite roadtrip

From the majestic Rocky Mountains to The Great Plains, the depth and raw beauty of the Western North American landscape make it a sought-after ‘paradise on earth. With landmarks stippled in Native American history and other adventures yet to be had including wine sipping, wildlife-watching, camping, and locavore dining, travelers are spoilt for choice on how they explore this stunning pocket of the globe.

“With how we travel changing, our partnership with ARKTO Campers is designed to enhance how adventurers explore the road less travelled with increased comfort, convenience and efficiency. After two years of lockdowns, it’s time to get out again – with BMPRO at the forefront of powering adventures.”

Louise Bayliss, CEO of BMPRO

ARKTO Campers will soon be fitted with BMPRO’s BatteryPlus35-II-HA to support the transition of camper trailers to lithium batteries, integrated with the Trek3 Monitor to manage camper features such as battery voltage and water tanks, and will also feature the OdysseyLink103 to allow users access to the free Odyssey Phone App and to add optional BMPRO SmartConnect accessories such as tyre pressure monitors, temperature sensors, and more. Moreover, BMPRO’s TrailSafe emergency trailer break-away safety system will be fitted to guarantee confidence when roaming the great unknown.

The result – a comfortable, efficient, and environmentally friendly travel.

“With BMPRO gear paired with ARKTO Campers’ special features, adventuring throughout North America  has never been better”, said Louise.

“This new joint venture with ARKTO Campers is an exciting move in our company’s growth. We look forward to the adventures we will have as the BMPRO brand adventures further across the globe.”


ARKTO | Expand Boundaries. Explore Further. Experience More

ARKTO Campers is a manufacturer of multi-functional off-road campers designed to push the boundaries of traditional camping and take you where you never thought possible.

For more information, contact us.

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