Exploring Australia with Drew and Sal Paas

Exploring Australia with Drew and Sal Paas

With a dream in mind and the will to turn it into reality, Melbourne-based Drew and Sal escaped the bustle of the city to travel full-time, all-over Australia. With their family, Drew and Sal has set up their house on wheels with a caravan that has every amenity to ensure their dream of travelling is comfortably executed.

Drew and Sal talk to us about their new life on the road and how this journey has changed them.

The Paas Family

Tell us about yourself/your family

Originally from Melbourne, Drew is a builder with his own business, Sal is a secondary teacher, and Emma and Taylor are both in primary school. We have a farm in East Gippsland, where we often escape for the weekend. We love exploring new places and spending time in the outdoors. We’ve had our caravan for over 3 years and travelled extensively around Victoria whenever we’ve had the chance.

What made you decide to travel full time? And how long have you been on the road now?

A dream, that became a reality. We’ve been on the road for just over 6 months and love it!

Tell us about your setup

We’ve got a 2021 Toyota 79 Land Cruiser & Jayco Journey Outback 19.61.3. Sal and I have made several modifications to both the car and van setup so we can explore places off the beaten path. Our caravan has all the BMPRO gear and before our trip, we upgraded the J35 to the 200ah B-TEC lithium battery.

What has been your favourite spot so far? Or places you’d happily visit again.

Yorke & Eyre Peninsulas, SA – these coastlines are so under-rated. We loved our 3 months exploring these wild and rugged areas, especially camping on the beaches.


What has been the most surprising experience?

Uluru, such a magical place. Even though we have previously visited this area, it was mesmerising to see the sunrises and sunsets with our girls again. We rode our bikes around the base of Uluru and walked through the valleys of Kata Juta.

What have you learned about living on the road that you didn’t expect?

How little you actually need.

What’s the best piece of advice you’d give someone new to life on the road?

Have an open mind, other people’s opinions are just that… their opinion. Listen to advice but still make your own decisions. Our travel motto is ‘every day is a Saturday’.

Any places that were a little bit underwhelming?

Our time in Cairns – the location of the caravan park was not close to anything exciting for a holiday.

What has been the worst experience/event?

While travelling along the Stuart Hwy, 2 hours north from Alice Springs, we lost our caravan door. What was supposed to be a celebration of 100 days on the road, quickly became a nightmare!

Travelling with the Paas Family across Australia

What’s coming up next on the trip?

Crossing the WA border, taking on the Gibb River Road, and exploring The Kimberley.

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