BMPRO opens warehouse in Elkhart, USA

New office and warehouse

Australia’s largest supplier of control and management systems for the RV industry, BMPRO, opens an office and warehouse in Elkhart, Indiana.

For over a decade, BMPRO has provided Australia’s RV users with the freedom to relax while on holiday, with its system that manages and controls all the RV’s features. Throughout 2018, BMPRO showed their commitment to investing in the US market by regular visits and dialogue with RV manufacturers introducing the RVMaster.

Elkhart, Indiana is the hub area for the RV industry and BMPRO is excited to be at its heart. Two staff members are already on site, Kris Volheim as Sales Manager, and Scott Hunter as Systems Integration Engineer. Plans to grow the team over the next six months are in place with support and regular visits from Head Office in Melbourne, Australia.

Elkhart BMPRO team

Kris Volheim comes to BMPRO with a great history in the US RV industry. He says, “I formed KV Pro Solutions, a sales and market development support for the RV industry, after two decades of highly successful RV sales. In 2018, KV Pro Solutions was contracted by BMPRO to help bring their line of RV management systems into the US market. This relationship is a great fit.”

Scott Hunter was born and raised in Elkhart and is a Staff Sergeant in the US Air Force with over nine years’ service. He holds a degree in applied sciences, and is excited about being an integral part of a growing company in his home town.

Scott says, “The overview of BMPRO instantly had me intrigued. With my background and prior experience, coupled with the information from the team in Melbourne, I decided that being a part of this company was not something I wanted to pass up.”

BMPRO expertise

With over fifty years manufacturing experience of OEM power and switching solution, BMPRO has the expertise and customer service to provide the US RV market with a product relevant for US requirements. The warehouse and staff further highlight BMPRO’s commitment to the US market and its passion for enhancing and building on their expertise in control and power management systems.

Louise Bayliss, CEO, says, “The RVMaster is flexible in its capabilities, which means that manufacturers can differentiate themselves in such a competitive market. We are really excited to be working with RV Manufacturers in Elkhart to bring to the RVMaster to life.”

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