YouTube How-to videos to support international customers

BMPRO supports their U.S. customers with a range of how-to videos on their YouTube channel.  

Earlier this year, BMPRO launched their new smart RV control and monitoring systems for the US market (RVMaster and JAYCOMMAND™). The company supports RV dealers and customers through the local Elkhart based customer service office in Indiana, backed up by their highly experienced team in Australia.

BMPRO utilizes the latest technology in customer service through Zendesk, to monitor and manage customer feedback.  Combined with the technical expertise of team BMPRO, it enhances the company’s ability to provide the most relevant and up to date technical information.

To support US RV dealers and owners, BMPRO has identified the possible questions and challenges that users may experience.  While customers are getting familiar with the smart RV systems, BMPRO has created a series of how-to videos featuring tech tips, all published on the BMPRO YouTube channel.

Tech tips from “Dave from Down Under” are full of corny Aussie kangaroo jokes and hilarious slang -all featuring a charming Australian accent.  But most importantly, the videos contain plenty of useful information split into small sections, clearly detailing BMPRO products’ features and functions. Ranging from complex tasks, including starting an auto generator, to simple functions, such as turning on lights, Dave from Down Under has got all the topics covered!

BMPRO invites RV dealers and users to subscribe to their YouTube channel and submit their technical questions on the BMPRO range.  Subscribers will be able to get these addressed in future tech tip videos.

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