Caravan water level indicator

Carrying enough high quality water to provide for your family’s day-to-day needs throughout your trip, as well as in emergency situations, is vital for RVers.

So monitoring the amount of water in your RVs tank/s is a constant task when you’re on the road. And it’s particularly important if you’re travelling off-grid or away from a safe and reliable water supply.

Water level indicators for RV water tanks are not new, but the Dipper from BMPRO has revolutionised the way water level indicators are fitted and used.

The Dipper, which comes in a range of lengths from 2.5m-7m, is a digital water level indicator which sends reading to your RV’s digital monitoring system, allowing quick, easy and accurate water level readings at all times.

It has five nodes to sense water levels, and by counting the nodes immersed in water, the system can determine the depth of the water in each tank.


Easy installation

Previous generation water level indicators consist of a single long cable which is difficult to retrofit to RVs. BMPRO’s Caravan water level Indicator Dipper has a simple, waterproof five-pin connector on the end of the cable, making it simple to install into your RV, removing the need to wire it in. In addition, it requires only a single 22mm hole to be drilled near the top of the tank, greatly reducing labour required for installation, when compared to drilling five holes and siliconing in primitive individual water bungs.

Great compatibility

Not only is the Dipper compatible with BMPRO’s suite of monitoring systems, such as Trek, Drifter, JHub and others, it will also work with a range of other aftermarket monitoring systems.

It is compatible with all metal and plastic water tanks used for both fresh or grey water storage.

Multiple applications

The Dipper is compatible with water tanks on all RVs (caravans, motorhomes and camper trailers) and boats, making it the ideal accessory across the board.

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