BMPRO’s Tastiest and Easiest Meals to Make on A Trip

BMPRO’s Tastiest and Easiest Meals to Make on A Trip

In all the ‘busyness’ of life, road trips and camping are one of the few solaces available to us adventurers. While the journey and adventure itself are enough to put a bounce in our step, there are few things that can make or break the experience. One of those includes food. 

A true road trip enthusiast knows that snacks and meals are a very important part of any adventure, but sometimes our options for eating can be restricted due to limited appliances or the risk of spoilage.

Out of all the things to worry about on a road trip this shouldn’t be one of them. 

We’ve found SmartConnect to be an absolute lifesaver! When paired with the SmartTemp sensor, you are able to keep track of the temperature in your vehicle, esky and even fridge, ensuring all food and packed ingredients are stored at the right temperature.

Now that we have more control over the quality of our food, the meals we whip up can be more exciting than ever.

Here are a few of our favourite, tasty and easy meals that are our go to on road trips:

The Crowd Favourite - pasta

The Crowd Favourite

Filling, tasty and lasts forever; there is no going wrong with pasta. With different variations and flavours available, pasta is an easy way to try your hand at gourmet-tasting meals with simple ingredients. With an endless combination of ingredients that can be used, move from rich Italian flavours with cream to Asian-inspired aromas with rice noodles and ginger, depending on your mood or preference. 

The Gourmet Traveller is a great source for simple pasta recipes with fresh ingredients and incredible flavours to make your everyday road trip meals a bit more exciting.

The Road Trip Classic - Sandwich

The Road Trip Classic

The humble sandwich is a go-to road trip classic. Bringing joy to adventurers of all ages over the years, it’s a standard easy meal to satisfy your hunger on the journey. From the BLT to Vegemite or simple cheese toasties (grilled cheese), there is something for everyone.

How high your sense of adventure is for the day might determine the level of extravagance you want for your sandwich. Switching up your ingredients is a great way to keep it interesting. But it doesn’t just stop at the toppings; the type of bread you use can change it completely. Sourdough, Brioche, Bagels, English muffins…the options are endless. 

For The Health Conscious

For the health Conscious

While there’s nothing better than a sandwich, for those of us wanting to be more health conscious, a wrap is a great alternative. It’s a simple switch and just as versatile for every meal! From breakfast burritos to chicken wraps and Mexican-inspired burritos or quesadillas it truly is a crowd pleaser with a healthy edge. 

Even Woolworths can’t deny how delicious it can be as they provide us with 88 different variations of how you can take your burritos to the next level with effortless recipes.

The Staple for Versatility - rice

The Staple for Versatility

No matter your dietary preferences, there is one staple that can be found in every pantry: rice and lentils. It is easily the most versatile item to be found in a kitchen, regardless of whether that kitchen is mobile or not. It works as a blank canvas for any recipe and carries the flavours of any dish to perfection.

True to their name, Insanely Good Recipes provides easy recipes with rice to make a simple dish stand out on your next adventure.

Australian Essentials - barbeque

Australian Essentials

Where there’s an Australian, there’s usually a barbeque. Whether it is gas-powered or woodfired, this all-purpose tool is the only appliance you need if you don’t have much at your disposal. Regardless of the abovementioned recipes, you can decide to incorporate into your meals while road-tripping, a great barbeque can enhance the flavours of your meals, while also simplifying the whole process!

Regardless of the number of appliances at your disposal or how good your cooking skills are, good food can be whipped up from the simplest of ingredients. Get inspired by some insanely good recipes, knowing that no matter what you choose to make, having technology like SmartTemp onboard your RV will ensure that you’ll be enjoying your dishes for days.

Get in touch with us to see how we can help power your adventures.

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