Temperature Sensor

For internal cabin temperature measurement

Temperature sensor for Smart RV systems. Part number 028547



Temperature Sensor

The Temperature sensor has been designed to work as part of the Jhub or Odyssey system by giving the user internal cabin or compartment areas temperature reading through the use of the systems app. To use with the ControlNode or OdysseyLink series the customer will also need a CON COMBICON HDR Female 5.08mm 14way GRN 032973. Please note in most cases the green connector is supplied with the ControlNode / OdysseyLink.

Plug this sensor directly into the wire connections on the ProSmart – no additional parts are required to measure the internal temperatures via the ProSmart app.

Compatible with:

Battery & Power Management Systems Node Series
BatteryPlus35 Series
J35 Series
ControlNode Series
ProSmart series