Lithium battery compatible BMS – specially for Jayco

Melbourne, 6 June 2018

Lithium compatible battery management system J35D now available for Jayco customers

BMPRO is pleased to announce the release of their new battery management system J35D. Available exclusively for Jayco, it is an exciting addition to the JHub System.

BMPRO’s JHub System is an app-driven power management system that controls the on-board features of a Jayco caravan or motorhome from a tether-free Android tablet. Using the latest in Bluetooth connectivity, JHub manages incoming power, battery charging, tank levels and more. It also controls on-board features such as lights, the van’s slide-out, hot water and water pumps.

J35D teamed with the JHub System is a lithium battery compatible battery management system. It allows to monitor the status of your caravan’s house battery, ensuring it will last longer and will optimally utilize its features.

J35D has a charging current up to 15A in bulk and 30A in boost mode.  Multistage charger with boost, bulk, absorption and float charging models can be adjusted to variety of battery chemistries, from wide range of lead acid to the latest technology in lithium LiFePO4. The higher charge rate means faster charging of your LiFePO4 battery or multiple Lead Acid batteries. 

Jayco is highly respected within the Australian Caravan industry for leading with innovation and delivering the best value-for-money to their customers. So when we worked with them to build something that would dramatically improve their customers’ adventures, we were ecstatic that it evolved into the JHub System” – says BMPRO CEO Louise Bayliss.

About our companies

BMPRO is the leading Australian brand of power management solutions for RV industry. Manufactured by Setec Pty Ltd, Melbourne based company with 50 years’ experience in power solutions, BMPRO draws its inspiration from the great Australian outdoors. With over 150,000 units installed in caravans in motorhomes, BMPRO is number one in RV power management.

Jayco is Australia’s most recognised brand of recreational vehicles and a great success story of Australian manufacturing. Jayco attributes its success to innovative product range and nationwide dealer network, and has a reputation for combining quality and value for money. Learn more about Jayco.

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37 thoughts on “Lithium battery compatible BMS – specially for Jayco”

  1. How does the J35D change between AGM and LiFePo4 lithium Battery, is it automatic or is there a selector Switch. Is the J35D released and is this the the exact unit that ships with all Brand new Jayco Silverlines?

    1. Olga kustova

      Hi David,
      By default, the J35D is configured to charge lead acid batteries. To change to LiFePO4, use JHub and select the correct battery profile in settings.
      J35D is supplied as standard with Jayco Adventurer caravans manufactured in 2019.

  2. I have a 2018 model Jayco with the J35B and ControlNode 101. Am I able to buy the J35D and ControlNode 102 as an upgrade?

  3. have a 09/2018 jayco silverline (j35c+101 control node),want to change it to lithium system (j35d+102 control node).
    have got prices from jayco for (j35d+102 control node),but get conflicting answers weather my existing tablet will work
    with the new system,or do i need a newer type of tablet.
    questions from above says(By default, the J35D is configured to charge lead acid batteries. To change to LiFePO4, use JHub and select the correct battery profile in settings.)?.does that mean from the tablet or a switch selector on the j35d?,
    if its changed from the tablet i cant see any settings in my existing tablet?

    1. Olga kustova

      Hi Ray, tablets models BMPRO7Q2-BMPRO7DI are compatible with ControlNode102. Other models would need to be replaced. A simple way to check the model is to look at the home button icon. If it’s a circle, the tablet does not need replacing. If it’s a house, you would need to buy a new tablet.
      To change the battery profile you need to go to the settings in the tablet (app). The settings to select LiFePO4 will appear only when your tablet is connected to J35D. J35D is the only model compatible with lithium batteries (LiFePO4).

  4. I have ordered the J35D Increased to 480w solar and 330ah lithium. Currently the fridge only runs on 12v when aux input from the vehicle is connected?? I would like to run the fridge off the lithium system. How can this be achieved?

    1. Olga kustova

      Hi Mike,
      The fridge can be powered from the J35D output number 2, with max of 15Amps. If the Fridge is drawing more than 15 amps then we recommend to add a BC300\CommLink. This allows high current loads to be connected directly to the battery (with -ve terminals connected across the BC300 Shunt) and the current draw will be read by the J35D via bluetooth signal and correctly display the battery parameters on the Tablet. See links to BC300\Commlink.
      Let us know if you require further support.

  5. I have a 2018 Jayco Swan with the BMPR0 J35-A and I am having trouble with the lights not staying on..after a minute or so the light me will turn off, even when I’m plugged into 240v outlet. If I turn the battery switch off for 10 seconds and turn it back on the lights will come back on for a minute. Can you help me?

  6. Hi Olga.

    I was looking at buying a couple of ITECHWORLD 120 LiFePO4 Battery Packs from ITECHWORLD Perth WA. It would seem that these have an internal battery management system and can replace AGM batteries utilizing existing AGM battery charging systems. In my new Jayco I have the J35 Model D Battery Management system (BMS).

    Would you consider the Itechworld 120 Battery Packs to be suitable to work with the J35D BMS. If so should the setting be changed to LifePO4 or should it remain on the AGM setting as these batteries are design to directly replace AGM batteries containing their own inbuilt BMS.

    Cheers Craig

    1. Olga kustova

      Hi Craig,

      The J35B battery management system is not designed for Lithium LiFeP04.
      While the J35B will put some charge into the battery, the charge algorithms are different and it may not charge the battery above 80% or so.
      Lithium LiFeP04 also require a ‘wakeup’ voltage if the batteries turn off and go into Low Voltage Disconnect (LVD), the J35B and most smart chargers can’t do this, as they cant see the battery due to reverse polarity protection within the chargers. Lithium LiFeP04 also need a charger that doesn’t have Equalisation & Sulphation in the settings.
      You will also see that the JHub battery graph will start to show you incorrect reading as the graph algorithms are for wet cell and not Lithium LiFeP04, the battery volt will be the only thing displaying correctly.
      The BMS in the Lithium LiFeP04 is a standard part of any Lithium LiFeP04 battery, however it is not a charger. The BMS is only there to stop the cells from overcharge protection, temp control, undervoltage protection and surge protection.

      If you are wanting to fit Lithium LiFeP04, don’t run the risk of shorting the life of your batteries by not using a Lithium compatible battery management system.

      Please speak to your local Jayco dealer about the J35D which is Lithium compatible.

  7. Hi, I’ve just bought a small late model Jayco poptop and want to install a battery and management system. I’m a bit confused by all the systems. I want to keep my fridge going for a few days off grid and use a solar blanket to keep things charged. I want to run the fridge, charge phones etc and run a couple of led lights. Would the J35B be suitable?

    1. Olga kustova

      Good afternoon John,
      The J35B is a great unit for this application as it has 14 load outputs and will do a charge of 15amps. solar input is 300 watts. The J35B is for wet cell batteries only, if you wish to use lithium LiFeP04 batteries, you will need to look at the J35D only

      BMPRO Customer Service

  8. The problem is, Jayco, and their dealers generally wont fit or offer the J35D on anything but the Silverline or Basestation models.
    Who knows why given the increasing popularity of Lithium Lifepo4 Batteries.
    I have however managed to come across a dealer who will fit it for me. This however doesn’t help a lot of other people who would love to have it fit to their Jayco vans.

  9. Hi. I’ll need to use a BC300 with my J35D as I’m planning to install a 3000W inverter. My understanding is that the CommLink needs to connect to the J35 CAN bus socket. If so, where does the ControlNode connect to the J35? Cheers, Jonathan

    1. Olga kustova

      Good afternoon Jonathan,
      With the B300 and CommLink, there are two CAN bus inputs on the Commlink and a short connection cable. So simply unplug the Node at the J35, plug the short cable into the J35, then plug that into the CommLink, then the cable from the Node plugs into the CommLink, so it is simply in line.

      1. Hi Olga. I really appreciate your prompt reply. I have another question. I already own an Enerdrive DC-DC charger and would like to use this with the existing system (J35D etc). I see that the J35D can handle 30A maximum input. Can I connect the Enerdive directly to the battery without negatively impacting the J35D given that it will produce more than 30A?

          1. Hi Olga I have purchased a 2021 12ft starcraft caravan can I upgrade and get a j35D management system installed in place of the j35 A as I would like to use lithium battery in the future.
            Regards Shayne

          2. Olga kustova

            Hi Shayne,

            Great to hear you are planning to future-proof your caravan with a lithium compatible power management system. For details on upgrades and replacements please contact the manufacturer.

        1. Hi,
          I have ordered a Jayco Crosstrak with a j35d and 125ah Invicta battery, could I swap that battery out and use a 200ah Voltax battery?

  10. looking at combining a j35D bms with a Trek monitor.
    not needing the Hub.
    existing system is standard jayco battery charging system
    I’m upgrading battery to lithium and adding solar
    can you change battery settings using the Trek?

  11. I would like to change my J35B to the J35D so I can take advantage of the Lithium Battery option when the two 100ah AGM batteries go. ( 3-5 Years of approx 500 cycles). Has BMPRO considered a plug and play exchange option for Jayco Owners who purchased vans in 2020 ?.
    It great to hear you say ask the Dealer, Jayco no longer support BMPRO as they have moved to Projecta systems.
    Being a consumer its not my place to question the decisions of corporate management and product development however I do have every rights to ensure the products placed into my c-van receive full service and effective upgrades. If it means the product is able to be enhanced and provide significantly better long term service then I believe I am entitled to ensure this eventuates. My new van will need to provide me with 10 years of service and that will require upgrading the existing AGM battery system or possibly 3 sets of AGM batteries. Why would I wish to continue along the old path when newer and more efficient systems are available and were available when I acquired the c-van.

    1. Olga kustova

      Hi John,
      And thank you for your comments.
      Firstly, good idea to future proof your caravan and make your battery management system lithium compatible. BMPRO currently has a solution for Jayco caravan owners for easy and affordable upgrade of their system to lithium. Please make contact with us and we can work through the solution.

      Secondly, Jayco continues to install BMPRO on a broad range of their models, and Jayco caravan dealers support all their customers.
      BMPRO product on board your Jayco is and will be supported by the manufacturer (BMPRO) as well, and our customer service team is always here for you to answer your questions and resolve any possible issues. Moreover, if your van is built in 2020, it is most likely SmartConnect ready and allows to use JHub app on your phone and to add multiple sensors to your system, to monitor variety of parameters in your caravan. New sensors which will become available in 2021-2022, should also be compatible with your current system. So your caravan is definitely future-proofed, and we hope you will enjoy many adventures in this van.

    1. Olga kustova

      Good morning Barney,
      the charge outputs are the only difference between the two units, please see the figures below

      Battery Current Limit: 30A max
      Solar Input Current: < 28A
      Solar Input Voltage: 15V to 25 V

      Battery Current Limit: 15A max
      Solar Input Current: < 20A
      Solar Input Voltage: 15V to 25 V

      Kind regards

    1. Olga kustova

      Hi Greg,

      The only lithium compatible battery management systems are BatteryPlus35-HA, BatteryPlus35-II-HA, J35B-L and J35D.
      BMPRO Genius, ST-series, J35B, J35C, BatteryPlus35-SR and BatteryPlus35-PM are not lithium compatible.

      Please note a lithium battery needs to be charged with a charger with lithium profile to get the most out of your investment.
      Using incorrect charger may lead to the following issues:

      – Battery monitor or display you are using displays incorrect information as the charging algorithms are AGM
      – The low voltage disconnect voltages are wrong for lithium.
      – Incorrect charging profile which has desulphation and equalization which the Lithium does not like and it may damage the battery’s internal BMS
      – If the battery turns off, your battery management system will not wake it up.
      – If a lithium battery is fitted to a non lithium system , warranty is void.

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