Drifter, Trek and Odyssey for integrated RV monitoring

Why monitor the power in our RVs

Many of us love camping for its simplicity; the laid back and fuss-free lifestyle it offers us in contrast to the hustle and bustle of our everyday lives. So we want our camping trips to be as relaxed and hassle-free as possible. From hitching up our RV to setting up at camp, we want everything to work just the way it should.

We want to know that the beer is cold, the meat is fresh and the water tanks are full. And we don’t want to have to worry about any of it.

That’s where BMPRO’s unique, fixed-wall battery monitoring systems come into play – Drifter, Trek and Odyssey.

The first-generation Drifter monitor is BMPRO’s original monitor, and still one of its best sellers for its simplicity and reliability combined with sophisticated technology.

The Trek monitor combines Drifter’s best features with cutting edge technology and a modern new look.

Odyssey is the most recent generation of the BMPRO monitors, utilising touch screen display technology and mobile app.

BMPRO monitors can be likened to a fuel gauge for your RV and combine a 12V deep-cycle lead-acid battery monitor, water tank monitor, water pump control, battery isolation switch, clock, and nightlight. When Drifter was released seven years ago, it became one of the first systems in the world to offer integrated RV monitoring. And when it comes to monitoring, Drifter and Odyssey, like all BMPRO’s battery monitor systems, are a cut above the rest.


RV monitoring parameters

BMPRO monitors display battery volts and amps, charge/discharge status, remaining capacity and remaining time.

Most battery monitors only show campers the available volts and amps of their battery, which gives them some information about the battery’s capacity but nowhere near the full picture.

Volts are only one indicator of battery power, much like measuring kilometres per hour in a car. This will tell you how fast you’re going, but not how long you’ll be able to maintain a particular speed or if you have fuel in the tank to run it.

BMPRO’s technology counts the energy put into the battery via the charger and the energy taken out during use and maps it against the volts and amps available combined with time and temperature, giving you a complete picture of your battery’s capability, through ‘State of Charge’ and ‘State of Health’ indicators.

These readings will provide valuable information about the amount of battery capacity left as a percentage and also how much time is remaining at your current electrical load. Thus, you can see, at a glance, whether you’ve got enough battery power left to keep the beer cold until the evening. It enables you to manage your power consumption efficiently, to ensure you’re enjoying as much time as possible ‘off-grid’. How’s that for stress-free travel?

Water level indicators

But it’s not just your batteries that Drifter and Trek will monitor. They also comprise water tank monitors to tell you how much fresh or grey water is in your tanks (up to four tanks), and water pump switches (one in Drifter, two in Trek and Odyssey).

Battery isolator switch

Another clever feature of BMPRO’s battery monitors is the battery isolation switch. If an RV is stored or parked over winter (or at anytime) for several months, chances are, the battery will be completely dead when you pull out the van and dust it off. The isolation switch allows you to leave your battery charger attached but override any power output or accessory which may be drawing needless power from your battery. It turns off the power supply so you can continue to charge your battery over winter without having any drain on it.

Large display screen

As the first generation battery monitor, Drifter is a fixed screen mounted to a wall of your RV. With a large LCD screen (149×85 mm) for easy night and day viewing, plus an easy-to-read digital display.

Trek  features multiple fascia colour options and can be mounted flush or half-recessed into the wall.

Odyssey has been given a modern new look to complement the high-tech and quality design of today’s modern RV. Sleek wall mounted console holds a 7″ Android tablet with an app for monitoring your caravan. Access electronic version of the product manual directly from the tablet.

Compatibility with BatteryPlus35

Both Trek and Odyssey have been designed to function exclusively with BMPRO’s BatteryPlus35 to create a fully integrated management and monitoring system for your RV.

Free camp with confidence, having good understanding of your power requirements and the state of your battery.

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