BMPRO SwayControl for towing safety on the road

The subject of towing safety is on everybody’s lips with the most recent incident of a caravan rollover in North Queensland and with Caravan Industry Association of Australia launching the towing guide earlier this year.

Electronic stability control is an important part of the equation of towing safety, and that’s why BMPRO is bringing SwayControl to Australia’s caravan industry.

BMPRO SwayControl is a proactive electronic stability control that can automatically stabilise a caravan/trailer in the event of a sway event. It automatically corrects caravan/trailer sway which can be caused by changing road conditions, driver error, lateral winds or a passing truck, keeping drivers safe on the road.

SwayControl distinguishes between safe manoeuvring and dangerous trailer sway and does not require driver intervention.

With independent control of left and right-hand side trailer brakes, and continual closed loop feedback, the SwayControl quickly and effectively applies the necessary braking force, proportional to the side of the trailer where it is needed to correct trailer sway.

BMPRO SwayControl:

  • Automatically adjusts braking level
  • Applies braking force on the left & right brakes independently
  • Works with single to four axle caravans/trailers
  • Features an automatic system disabling in off-road conditions
  • Is fully sealed, waterproof and 100% tested for reliability

While BMPRO SwayControl is easy to install, mounted on the underside of the caravan/trailer chassis and wired directly into the electric brake system, it should only be installed by a qualified technician, as your safety is our priority.

BMPRO can also provide an integrated solution which includes looming and interoperability with the BMPRO TrailSafe Emergency Breakaway system.

Leading caravan manufacturers are now realising the benefits of what BMPRO brings to electronic stability control with its new SwayControl. The unit is also available through BMPRO authorised resellers.

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