BMPRO Onboard Jayco Australia 2021

BMPRO Continues to supply Jayco Australia in 2021

BMPRO continues to collaborate with Jayco Australia on the range of the power supply solutions as well as the Smart RV systems. In 2021, Jayco is installing BMPRO power management systems on a broad range of their models, including motorhomes and campertrailers. Three out of two models of power supplies offered by BMPRO specifically for Jayco this year are lithium compatible – both J35D and J35B-L models allow customers to retrofit lithium batteries at the later stage if desirable. Further, as BMPRO power management systems are installed together with the ControlNode103, Jayco owners can enjoy using the JHub app on their phone even if they do not have the JHub tablet installed.

Customer support

Jayco caravan dealers continue supporting all their customers. This year, they also offer lithium upgrade options, installing BMPRO Zeal lithium batteries and upgrading the existing J35 power management systems through authorised BMPRO dealers for lithium compatibility. BMPRO product is and will be supported by the manufacturer (BMPRO) as well, and our customer service team is always here for Jayco owners to answer their questions and resolve any possible issues, whether they are related to the discontinued power supplies of ST series or current models of the J35 range. Our YouTube channel offers a range of how-to videos and the website offers a range of FAQ to assist customers anytime, anywhere.

BMPRO onboard Jayco is geared for the future

Moreover, caravans built in 2020 and later and fitted with the ControlNode103 are SmartConnect ready and allow Jayco owners to add multiple sensors to their system, to monitor variety of parameters in their caravan, including gas bottle level, TPMS and temperatures. New sensors which will become available in 2021-2022, will also be compatible with the current system. Jayco caravans with BMPRO onboard are future-proofed, built for the customers to enjoy many years of adventures in their van.

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