Which 12V Battery Charger do you need?

It’s a little-known fact that 12V batteries, like those used in most caravans and camper trailers, lose charge over time, even when they’re not being used.

Most deep cycle batteries can only handle being left without charge for a maximum of two or three months and will lose significant quality and capacity over that time.

So, if you want to maintain the good health of the product which allows your drinks to stay cool and your food to stay fresh, you need a good quality 12V battery charger, preferably one you can ‘set and forget’. If left connected for a long period of time, an intelligent battery charger, like BMPRO’s BatteryCharge range, will choose an appropriate charging state to maintain the battery throughout that period.

BatteryCharge range by BMPRO

BatteryCharge is specifically designed for the RV world (also suitable for marine applications) and the chargers are all portable and compatible with all 12V deep cycle batteries normally used in RVs, including all lead-acid and lithium batteries.

The chargers range in size from 4-25A (suitable for a huge range of battery sizes) and are all multi-stage, with a variety of charging styles designed to keep your caravan battery in peak condition.

Some of the12V battery chargers have large LCD displays to show charging progress, charging cycle, and selected battery chemistry. They come in metal cases which are tough, durable, dust- and waterproof, and they have large clamps and ring terminals for easy connection to your battery.


Regenerate ‘dead’ batteries

Most 12V battery chargers require lead-acid batteries to show at least a small amount of voltage in order to be able to detect and, therefore, recharge them. So a lead-acid battery which has been left to completely discharge may not be able to be revived by traditional battery chargers. But the technology which enables the BMPRO BatteryCharge to detect and charge lithium batteries will also allow it to kickstart a ‘dead’ lead-acid battery with very little or no voltage.

Charge various battery sizes

Have you got more than one device with a 12V battery? You might need to keep your caravan battery charged off season, charge your motorbike or your boat, keep the golf buggy ready to roam, and all this could be done with one charger!

Each BatteryCharge model has a different sized charger, and each charger is capable of charging a range of battery sizes, from the BatteryCharge4, which will work with 12-120Ah batteries right up to the BatteryCharge25, which will charge 80-800Ah batteries, with everything in between.

Multi-stage charger

Multi-stage chargers charge faster, ensure the battery is charged to its capacity, and increase the life-span of the batteries.

All Battery Charges are multi-stage chargers which use a range of charging states to keep your battery at peak capacity and in good health. These range from the eight-stage BatteryCharge4 and 10-stage BatteryCharge7.5 (check, recovery, soft start, bulk (stages 4 to 7), absorption, maintenance 1 and maintenance 2) to the seven-stage BatteryCharge15 and 25. While the 15 and 25 have ‘less’ stages (desulphation, soft charge, bulk charge, absorption, analysis, recondition, and float), they come with a micro-digital processor to ensure high performance and intelligent charging.

Adjustable charging outputs

All BMPRO battery chargers have an adjustable charging output to suit different battery sizes. BatteryCharge4 has 0.9A, 3A and 4A options; BatteryCharge7.5 has 3.75A, 5A and 7.5A, BatteryCharge15 has 5A, 10A, and 15A and BatteryCharge25 has 5A, 15A, and 25A options.

Compatible with multiple battery types

All BMPRO battery chargers are compatible with a range of battery chemistries and types, including 12V lead-acid (AGM, gel, calcium, or wet) and lithium LiFePO4 (batteries). On top of that, BatteryCharge4 handles 6V batteries, while BatteryCharge7.5 is suitable both for 12V and 24V batteries.

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