The Great All-Rounder

From the best Aussie cricket players to multi-function battery chargers

In today’s world it is always a challenge to find a great all-rounder. Even with the recent controversies that Australian cricket finds itself embroiled in we probably all prefer to be distracted by remembering some of the great all-rounders of the game we love. Some of the classics Australia has produced would have to include a couple of the game’s greats like Richie Benaud and Shane Warne, but a favourite in our eyes would have to be Steve Waugh.  We are always looking for something in life that can cover and conquer many aspects, and Steve Waugh was certainly able to do this.

Too many times in our day to day we come across products that are only one-dimensional. The problem we face daily is that products we have around us are only fit for a single purpose and don’t go the distance.  We end up with another similar product or are replacing it about one week after the warranty has expired. 

Is multi-stage versatile?

Many of the 12V products we see marketed to the RVers of Australia struggle to meet the demands of those campers who are energy dependant.  You need to be able to rely upon your power setup. You want to have music in the background for around the campfire, to understand what your solar panels are really doing, to know your battery won’t be overcharged. Finally, you want to go the distance for many years or just handle a range of requirements.  Battery chargers that market themselves as multi-stage chargers but still “over-cook” a battery over winter use old world technology. They just don’t meet the expectations of Australia’s 12V RVers.

We live in a tough and demanding environment and get tired of having to overthink what we need or keep double checking that it still works as promised! Then there is the world of chargers that only cover one requirement. For example, they will trickle charge a small motorcycle battery but can’t handle the tractor left in the shed!  Not the best all-rounders!

The universal soldiers

Not so with Steve Waugh, he stood the test of time and versatility with over 10,000 runs behind him in his first class career and 92 wickets over 168 tests. And it doesn’t stop there – post his cricketing career he continued to give back to society with a range of charity work.

The BMPRO multi-function battery chargers, such as BatteryCharge15, deliver to the demanding market of 12V RVers.  The chargers are not only proven to go the test of time across a range of environmental conditions but are also versatile. They can be used for charging a range of requirements and also battery chemistries.  The BC15 battery charger has selective outputs from 5 Amp to 15 Amp so that it can be used for any equipment, from the farm bike to tractor over winter. 

The digital technology utilised inside the charger includes microprocessors that monitor the charge requirements of the battery. They ensure it is protected from either a short charge or longer charging requirements over more testing environmental conditions such as a Tasmanian winter. Designed and manufactured locally in Melbourne, BatteryCharge15 is also equipped to be able to handle the full range of lead acid battery types. It even covers the specific charge requirements of Lithium (LiFEPO4) batteries. 

So no matter what the environmental conditions, the range of charging required, or whatever type battery you take out bush, the BC15 can cover your requirements. Moreover, with its added Lithium capabilities it covers you for the future.  The perfect Aussie All-Rounder!

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