15 Amp | 12V Battery Charger



  • 7 STAGE – Micro Digital Processor
  • Suitable for charging Lead Acid, AGM, Gel, Calcium
  • Includes LITHIUM (LiFePO4) charging profile
  • Adjustable Amp output
  • Suits batteries 50-500Ah


Protect your 12V battery from overcharging

15 Amp battery charger BatteryCharge15 is an automatic multistage charger delivering high-performance intelligent charging. Depending on the size of the battery, you can adjust output current to 5, 10 or 15 Amps.

Use it with all types of 12 Volt Lead Acid batteries, such as AGM, Gel, Calcium, or Wet, as well as with LiFePO4 Lithium batteries. You can also use the charger to recondition sulphated lead acid batteries or revive drained LiFePO4 batteries. Moreover, it is ok to leave the battery permanently connected to the charger without damage or adverse effect on its performance.

Use BatteryCharge15 to service your car, caravan, bike, truck, boat, jet ski, tractor, or as a spare charger. The smart battery charger has protective circuits to prevent it from sparking and overheating. It also features an informative LED interface, which indicates the stage of the charge cycle, selected battery chemistry, and battery charge rate.

Heavy duty steel body protects all components inside, making the unit extremely durable.

15 Amp battery charger will increase your battery’s life and performance. It is multistage with seven stages, which are: desulphation, soft charge, bulk charge, absorption, analysis, recondition, and float.

Use the charger in power supply mode with a constant voltage of 13.6VDC or up to 10A to power appliances or tools that are otherwise 12V battery powered.



5Ah / 10Ah / 15Ah


240V, 50Hz

Battery Size

50Ah - 500Ah

Battery Type

Lead-acid, LiFePO4

Battery Chemistry

AGM, Gel, Calcium, Wet, LiFePO4

Charger Type


Power Supply Mode

13.6V (10Ah max)


245mm x 160mm x 70mm


The minimum start voltage for the BatteryCharge15 is 8V.

Below this voltage it is unlikely that the charger will detect a battery, and therefore will not commence the charging routine.

If you are using the BatteryCharge15 with a wet cell lead-acid battery, the correct setting to use is AGM.

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